Chuggin’ Chad

So was on the scene Wednesday night to bring us on-the-spot coverage of Muska’s buddies hauling him out of some Hollywood ho-down, fighting a losing battle with gravity. Boil the Ocean salutes Muska, who in spite of his LA schmooze-mongering and dubious career as a DJ/failed rap producer, manages to keep it real the best way he knows how. His frontside flips are still ass, though.

The real question is whether or not Muska is in better shape here, where he’s (allegedly) sober and looking like a leatherized Sawyer/Lone Gunman mashup. Whatever the case, he’s sporting his Supra pro models both nights, and probably the same jeans, so Angel better get cracking with those royalty checks. God knows whether Muska’s got another TSM cover in him. Fuck, who am I kidding, he totally does. Muska’s awesome.

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2 Responses to “Chuggin’ Chad”

  1. Watson Says:

    How insane is it though that one of the biggest names ever in skating can even be on the map enough to have papparazi taking pictures of him and posting them on celebrity gossip sites? My how the times have changed.

  2. jdg Says:

    Nice 7 Seconds shirt.

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