Like a rock

So Adio’s done, it looks like. The big names are off the team list and rumors are flying that the suits up top–remember, it’s Jarden now, not K2–are pulling the plug. Fare thee well, Adio. I’ll always remember the futuristic 3D graphics in “One Step Beyond.”

Bam supposedly is already suiting up in his other multinational skate company’s shoe line, and you know the birdman will be just fine. Maybe he’ll go back to Airwalk. Kenny Anderson may have signed on with Converse, and Brian Sumner, god help him, has signed his sole over to NSS (groan-inducing in more than one way).

The guys you have to feel for are the Danny Montoyas and the Steve Nessers. Dudes who might not be past their prime, but they’re a long way from being the hot shoe of the week, if they ever were. Montoya’s had enough shoes out at this point, he’ll be ok, but poor Nesser just put out his pro model, and if Adio goes into the dumper it’ll probably be shipping straight to the Ross bargain bin. Nesser’s skating never really got me too excited, aside from a couple tricks here and there, but I had to hand it to him for making the most of what he had, with the significant burden of a pretty major tribal tattoo. I can just imagine him taking that first tentative push down the ramp at Tampa while Tim O’Connor salivates all over the microphone. It can’t be easy. At least Nesser has a shop to fall back on, as everyone knows that line of business is a total goldmine.

Does Shaun White still skate for Adio? Maybe him and Tony Hawk should just buy the company and run it like a halfway house for downtrodden vert skaters. They could hook up Alex Chalmers while they’re at it.

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One Response to “Like a rock”

  1. Watson Says:

    Holy shit you updated!

    Good one about the tribal tattoo. That shit is so harsh. Seriously he should do something about that. I’d rather go the black arms route than have that thing marring my arm.

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