The wonderful world of Jim Greco


occasionally the question will come up like, is Greco back on drugs? Honestly I think at this point it’s more or less moot. However speedballs and shit might have warped his reality, Greco has more or less transcended all that at this point. His photo in the new T-Eddies pretty much says it all, with the eyeshadow and lipstick and shit. There was a time a few years back, after he cleaned up, where he kind of jettisoned all the bandannas and belts and hats and was rolling around in a t-shirt with a fade. That right there was Greco losing his way. But I’m with him on these extensions and the make-up and whatever other silliness he might be experimenting with these days. Maybe he’ll have good footage in the Deathwish video, maybe not, this too is kind of moot as far as I’m concerned. Greco’s kind of up there with Muska where it’s like a TV show. At this point I’d post the link to the Baker “reality show” trailer, but it was taken down… so how about another Greco pic



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3 Responses to “The wonderful world of Jim Greco”

  1. david Says:

    I don’t know if I fully understand what you mean by saying “Greco has more or less transcended all that at this point.” Can you expound upon that a bit?
    I had a friend in college (a LONG time ago) who was totally into doing his own thing. We went to a predominately white, straight-laced school, but here was this guy, who’s parents were from Central America, totally rocking a leather jacket, leather pants, motorcycle boots…he looked like a hispanic Nick Cave or Dave Vanian circa 1985. He just didn’t care what everybody else was into. It was even beyond like a rebellious “take it or leave it” attitude. He was just so beyond caring what people thought about him. He was awesome and I always respected him for that…but I digress.

  2. pilot light Says:

    Greco is just beyond everything at this point, I feel. Probably it’s more than the rest of us are able to even comprehend. Personally I’m just goin with it

  3. Watson Says:

    I’m fuckin stoked on Greco! He’s so over the top, but dude fuckin rips. Total entertainment be it skating, or his personality. Same reason I got stoked on Muska in the first place. Total entertainment.

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