Covers, baby

Sheckler did the mega ramp, and everybody is freaking out like, “I can’t say I like him as a person but OMG you have to respect that.” Seriously? I mean, he was the flyout queen of San Clemente since he was what, nine years old? Sheckle-air? Danny Way’s mega ramp is basically the Monster Energy Drink to the concrete bowl flyout’s Mountain Dew or whatever.

But it’s annoying, just like it’s annoying that the Skateboard Mag, which is supposed to be the street cred-having alternative to Transworld, put the kid on the cover again for a similarly brainless trick. In case you just started tuning into the Sheckler show since he got on MTV, kickflips and various backside variations thereof are pretty much all he’s got in the way of blockbuster tricks. As far as I can remember, a backside flip off some big drop was his last trick in the Almost video, and I’m not about to put myself through it all again just to make sure. And he was barely out of his momager-issued helmet at that point.

The real question is why magazines like TSM and Slap (which also featured a big Sheckler pullout recently, doing, you guessed it, a big kickflip) are backing him so much. Slap I can sort of see, as they had their big feature on skateboard reality shows and being even-handed would fit with their sort of-highbrow angle on skating, but this is the second time TSM has put him on the cover and the second time with a pretty whatever trick. The kickflip is more impressive, if a more boring photo, but it’s not like there aren’t two dozen other dudes out there who couldn’t do it, and two dozen more who could manage to not look like a douchebag in the process.

So it’s like the Skateboard Mag wants to have it both ways. They get the Tiger Beat cover and Carnie and Nieratko being dirty and hilarious on the inside. Note to Brittain, Humphries, Atiba, et al: it’s a slippery slope, dudes. Ask yourselves, how many Sheckler covers are you away from the Army and Ollie Pop gum ads? Unless you’ve got a real beastly AVE cover lined up, maybe you want to quit while you’re still sort of ahead.


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