Active has bargains

The fates today decided to bless me with the Active spring 08 catalog. Obviously a rare piece of luck. Against my better judgment I flipped through it after work and really, there are some pretty amazing deals to be had…

Say you’re silly enough to buy a class ring, but you’re not feeling the school spirit… Emerica gives you the option of indulging your taste for fake gold and plastic emeralds to the tune of $14.99. If you own this and you’re over 18 you are completely without hope. Active also has a pretty badass Krew ring that says “Krew” on it, FYI.

At least when CCS fills up a dozen pages with their in-house shit, they don’t pretend it’s not cut-rate shit. Active allows you to advertise their mail-order skate shop with a $60 sweatshirt. For serious Active fanatics only.

Altamont presents the $30 pocket t-shirt. But I’m sure the cut is, like, amazing.

Krew again. $47. Knockoff Burberry shorts fetch a cool $9.99 at the bodega around the corner from my house. So if anybody out there deems these babies a must-have for the summer season hit me up and I’ll make it happen for $40 (shipping plus finder’s fee). If you’re a major fan, inquire about our $59.99 two-piece Burberry suit…

Stussy flip-flops. As far as I remember, back in the mid-90s Stussy was like a late arrival on the Ocean Pacific/junior high surf-wear scene. It still puzzles me how they hoodwinked everybody into accepting them as some kind of cutting edge streetwear company. Active’s selling Stussy’s god-awful t-shirts for $23, so at $33, maybe these flip flops are a bargain? Yes?

Here we have an Element product. On the subject of t-shirts, insert the comment about the Krew Burba shorts and replace “bodega” with “truck stop of your choice.” The $32 price tag would be kind of amusing if this wolf/eagle/grizzly/whatever novelty graphic shit wasn’t played out a year or two ago.

not even bad shoes, some of the better ones Es has out now or anytime in the last few years actually, but the bite of the Bratrud Nikes is so completely obvious it leaves me wondering if this is some kind of joke that I’m not in on. I don’t like to think so of course, but it would explain some of Es’s more bizarre moves lately, like bringing back the scheme.

OK, I’m getting behind this one here. I think it’s cool that kids today, even those who order from Active, have the option of rocking a Venture “Awake” shirt. I know Indy is the cool truck company right now and all, but this is a classic. And wouldn’t you know, it’s on sale–$12.99.


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2 Responses to “Active has bargains”

  1. S Says:

    That was fantastic.

  2. Watson Says:

    This is my favourite blog.

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