Last Axion Heroes

Kareem Campbell was many things–legendary skater, mid-90s cultural architect, Peralta-caliber talent scout, semi-convincing skit actor–but the title of successful businessman continues to elude him, even with all those Tony Hawk Pro Skater appearances. Plenty of dudes have abandoned the board for the darkman role with varying degrees of success, but what made Kareem’s gradual exit from mags and videos suck so bad wasn’t the steady decline of his companies but how raw of a skater he was, even up to the point where he disappeared.

Crailtap linked to a clip from the last Axion footwear tour the other day, and in between Javier Nunez generally being underrated and Devine Calloway ripping all over the place there’s more than a few tricks from Kareem and he still had it, even half-assing it at demos (or full-assing it in the case of the switch hardflip). It’s probably way past the point to hope for any kind of comeback, and his unfortunate link-up with ATM and the supposed Axion revival really do not count. I’m talking more the kickflips over oil drums and the manhandled rail tricks. Those were some good years though. There’s another Kareem-related post in the works, so expect more half-bitter nostalgia to come. But meanwhile check out Devine’s switch hurricane. Jesus christ…

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3 Responses to “Last Axion Heroes”

  1. paul Says:

    I posted up to YouTube this Axion Japan tour promo the other month, he has some good stuff in there too.

  2. 94 Says:

    Javier has always been dope ever since he was a badass lil kid in KIDS and his 411 wheels of fortune through Menace to City Stars up until lately with his super ill SHUT footage. Seen plenty of stylin photos too skating the supreme bowl. One of my favourites,his sw flip over the brooklyn wall is amazing beyond words. Karreem,were to start? 20 shot and trilogy is all I need to say but his 2000 plus stuff was sick too. He made a cameo in the tws awards video and has had a couple recent photos/footages that were classic kareem.Full comeback please!

  3. Matthew Kennedy Says:

    Axion Footwear shoe line grossed nearly $48 million

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