Bless this mess

street hassle

Nieratko:After you see a video like Fully Flared, how does it change the way you approach the way you film or make videos?
Andrew Reynolds: It doesn’t change my approach at all. I stick to what I know. …I watch [Fully Flared] all the time, but my personal editing technique is to make it look like a piece of trash and then put it out.

It kind of impressed me when Reynolds said that, not because I expected him to suddenly enlist in the Ty Evans school of overproduction when it comes to Baker videos, but because he sounded totally confident in his “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks and what leaves greasy smears” approach to putting a video together. I don’t know if it’s because the ramped slow-mo and incessant profiling cutaways of Fully Flared are really starting to grate after five months of re-watching (more like after a week), or if it’s because Reynolds has nailed the Baker-Bootleg formula, but the Baker Deathwish promo* so far is the most fun and rewatchable video to come out of the Baker Boys camp since they stumbled onto the scene almost 10 years ago, and for me anyway it’s the best representation yet of the company and the dudes.

Reynolds should also get credit for not letting his personal issues fuck up the whole Baker vibe. When he and Greco cleaned up a few years ago it was up in the air what kind of impact that would have on the company’s beer/buds/bros deal, but the ads stayed wild and Baker 3 was the usual cocktail of transients, pissed security and stumbling drunks who also drop the requisite hammers and so on. Except instead of Reynolds tipping back a bottle of distilled spirits he’s rolling up with a handful of Starbucks. Shoutout to Barney Gumble.

If anything, the only issue with Baker 3 was that it was maybe too focused, with its intro-part-part-friends section-part-part-kids section-part part, etc. Baker Deathwish returns to the hazy, meandering pace of the original Baker Bootleg, except with a little tighter editing and way less slow-mo. And the way the video staggers from clowning in an apartment to Ellington running somebody’s board over to heckling Koston to Antwuan Dixon singing about his fucking shrimp, it does a way better job of showing a day in the life of the Baker squad than a million Ty Evans slow-motion dolly shots of the Lakai team kicking it at the ledge spot, or Guy Mariano pushing open garage doors while Band of Horses coos in the background. Baker Deathwish has Dixon in a taco hat. Think outside the bun, people…

*Can an hour and five minute-long video really be called a promo? Excess is one of Baker’s founding values.

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One Response to “Bless this mess”

  1. i luv drugs Says:

    agreed on all accounts, but they really should have left out the shane heyl intro, serious second hand embarassment

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