For my money 48 Blocks is probably as good reading, if not better, than the average skateboard magazine off the shelf at Borders or wherever the choosy kids choose to buy (steal) their mags these days. Friendly, inclusive vibe and you tend to not run into bogus Sheckler covers or the screeds of Mackenzie Eisenhower or Kevin Wilkins. Anyway they recently put up a cool interview with Peter Bici, NY schralper-turned-firefighter, whose backside lipslide at the beginning of RB Umali’s NY Revisited has the most classic urethane screech.

Zoo part from Mixtape. Love those nollie b/s flips:

And since we’re on the topic, his Transworld interview from a while back where he talked about his day job, and how he still skates. This was kind of funny to me:

TWS: Have you ever had skate-related injuries affect your work?
PB: Fortunately, I was smart when I skated-I was, man. If I went big, I would do it in a couple of tries and just land it. Come to think of it, I was thinking pretty smart about my body.

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2 Responses to “Fireman”

  1. Jason Says:

    Psyched that he thanked Madball in his 48blocks int.
    I really need to start listening to NYxHC again–gettin’ kinda soft.
    If I had some disposable income I would purchase the UXA “nyhc” shirt.

  2. Police Informer Says:

    That urethane screech was dubbed “east coast squeal” after repeated amazement at Kevin Taylor’s bluntslides in the First Division industry section from 411. The name stuck amongst the dudes I skate with. Not to say that it is only a right coast phenomenon – Ethan Fowler’s bluntslide at Pier 7 in ‘Ride On’ is a textbook example of what I am talking about.

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