Want you back

The Guy Mariano who made a comeback in “Fully Flared” didn’t bear too much resemblance to the Mouse-era Guy who set (and still holds) the gold standard in west coast schoolyard skating. The old Guy showed up in a few clips, like the line with the fakie f/s noseslide, fakie pop-shove it 5-0 revert on the flatbar. But then there were all those wacky slide/revert/grind/flip-out tricks. And there were some other tricks from photos and interviews that never made it into the video at all.

Shred or Die put up this clip the other day, which was filmed by RB Umali in Italy a few years ago, and apparently uploaded by Xgames vert guy and Tony Hawk satellite radio show host Jesse Fritsch, of all people. Anyway the clip has a lot of footage that seems like cutting room floor shit from Fully Flared, and includes the big bank switch b/s tailslide that was on the cover of the Skateboard Mag. It also has a line in there with a fakie k-grind and a switch b/s tail that, if you squint your eyes, looks like it could have maybe been filmed 10 years ago. Good shit.

Italy tangent: is this country some kind of black hole for skateboard footage? I heard from a buddy of mine a while back that he was on vacation in Italy and ran into this local skate-tour-guide type who showed around Reda’s crew on that first trip he took with a bunch of skaters who came from Italian backgrounds, i.e. Gino, Pappalardo, etc. Anyway this tour guide dude sat my friend down and popped in a tape of Gino footage that was filmed there, which didn’t show up in either the Hot Chocolate video or the Nike video. Somebody get that uploaded and quick…

And back on the topic of Mariano switch b/s tailslides, this


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2 Responses to “Want you back”

  1. ** Says:

    Even though it’s Guy, and Guy is Guy, it was kind of disheartening to see him in that China “article” literally in a flannel, brown cords, and a rolled-up beanie. I mean, what happened to a mylar Fourstar windbreaker with matching wind pants. I wish FS still made stuff like that instead of hipster wear.

  2. pilot light Says:

    I definitely hear you. Guy is Guy, but…

    There was another Guy post I was gonna do, but it involves scanning some pics, so it may be a bit.

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