Torey Pudwill: on some shit

seriously what the fuck

We’re at the beginning of an era where a lot of people will try and reproduce the Fully Flared brand of late-aughts tech skating (brace yourself for the next Ronson Lambert part), but Torey Pudwill of all people steps right up and gets it pitch-perfect in the new DVS promo. The magazines over the last few months have been showcasing his ever-taller pop and he held it down at that Lord of the Lines contest, but to me his new DVS part shows he puts some thought into the tricks he does, which is what generally separates your Jason Dills and your Rob Welshes from Mr. kickflip-two-more-stairs.

There’s a ton of great stuff in this part, and the obvious Fully Flared influence is there with the b/s tail pop-up to manual or the b/s smith 360 flip (ridiculous). But I could rewind that nollie heelflip over the hydrant three times whenever I watch this. And it’s amazing to me when somebody has the control to nollie flip up a block as their set-up trick. Kickflip b/s smith grind on that bridge bench in NYC is pretty mind-boggling, and I like the way he really stabs those b/s smiths. The bigspin b/s tail to regular was smooth as shit, on par with the one Kalis had on DC-TV a few weeks back.

Pudwill’s still got some kinks to work out, like the occasional spazz-oid arms and wonky waist, and his switch b/s bigspin flip doesn’t have the suave-ness of Dylan Rieder’s or Russ Milligan’s. But compared to the wounded bird that shared a part with Daniel Castillo in Skate More he’s come about a million miles. And while everybody else tries to step to the Fully Flared level over the next few years it’ll be interesting to see Pudwill try and top his own shit.

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One Response to “Torey Pudwill: on some shit”

  1. Watson Says:

    Yeah, this kid’s skill is pretty astonishing, but I really don’t like him. Bad upper body.

    He also needs to seriously re-think a t-shirt over a hoodie. What the hell is that all about?

    The spot with the yellow banks looks like a real orgasm of a session.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this whole Fully-Flared tech revival. I guess it means new stuff instead of wallrides and pool photos, but to me it sort of reeks of the old Osiris days. I remember seeing footage of Chris Dobstaff doing tailslide front shove to tailslide, big spin out on a ledge over a grass gap, and I was so bummed on it, and everyone else was like “Why, it’s so sick.” Well it sort of seems like we’re going back there.

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