The hardest working man in show business

I know your momma’s grieving

Humor in skateboarding is a hard thing to pull off most of the time, partly because showing off in any form is generally frowned/hated upon by the masses, and partly because of the repetitive nature of the skate video. Shit that seems funny the first time tends to get old quick after a few viewings, and in some cases can grate to the point careers are ended early (perhaps Knox will prove this wrong). There’s exceptions, like Gerwer in TWS’s Free Your Mind or the skits in the Chocolate Tour, but there aren’t many.

Much like rap-rock, straight-up fusing skating and comedy is dicey to the point where people probably should know better, but the ease with which the Tilt Mode crew do it has inspired a lot of lesser imitators. Then there’s Rory Sheridan, shadowy Pit Crew affiliate and Uwe Boll to Patrick O’Dell’s Werner Herzog (or something). Sheridan, which probably almost certainly is not dude’s real name, burst onto the scene last year with the Behind the Griptape series, and this week scored some kind of internet skate video hat trick with new Bobby Worrest clips for Es and Spitfire.

After the Worrest BTGT we’re already familiar with his love of public service and helping his fellow man, so the Es video allows some insight to the softer side of Bobby Worrest, or whatever side goes hitting the sheets after blasting kickflips. The music is annoying and the plaid Koston knock-offs are ill-advised for sure, but Worrest rips all over the place.

The Spitfire video however showcases the darker side of Worrest, shooting cops, lipping off to detectives and doing a switch 360 flip noseslide. In a line. With a switch front blunt. The special effects are not to be missed and the interrogation scene at the end is fraught with tension, especially when Worrest’s roommate, er, the cop pours out the wheels. I’m hoping that all the ridiculous tricks Worrest is logging in these little clips will eventually build up to the amazing part he’s capable of putting out, but I won’t be mad if he keeps doing these little clips for a while. Like O’Dell did with Cardiel, Rory Sheridan has found his muse in Bobby Worrest.

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7 Responses to “The hardest working man in show business”

  1. Banned in D.C. « pro • active • ly Says:

    […] Spitfire Skateboard wheels My friend and co-worker Rory Sheridan has received a stunning review of his latest film starring prolific pro-skateboarder and man-about-town Bobby […]

  2. M Says:

    You’re obviously a hater.

  3. beastmanozzie Says:

    dont bother with the shit skits, skateboarding skills talk, nothing else, Pat O dell is a sexcase for boys on skateboards, fuck morrissey, fuck hipsters, stupid hats and shit moustaches. FART, NOT ART, ALAN F IS BENT, KILL! KILL!

  4. brown Says:

    I think I could watch that spitfire clip exactly, um, once. The best way humor is used in a skate video is when it’s spontaneous. Anything involving contrived skits — especially one as unoriginal as having your friend play the asshole cop character — should be avoided unless you got the acting talent of Jason Lee…. If not, leave that shit in the 80s.

  5. austin Says:

    its just skateboarding.its fun.bobby kills it. its just friends makin skits.if you think its funny its funny if you dont you dont but more importantly sean mullendore owns nuf said

  6. Watson Says:

    Tim O’ Conner totally is not as funny as he thinks he is. Anyone who refers to every person as “that human” is definitely trying to hard.

  7. Watson Says:

    Oh man yeah, those videos are fucking terrible. But you can’t fault the dudes for having fun. But they sucked really bad. I couldn’t even watch the Spitfire one after the skating was done. Good use of Cop Killer though.

    Also since when does getting a colourway warrant such huge hype? It’s not a pro shoe, it’s picking a fucking colour!

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