Eazy does it

Extraordinary machine

The Stereo Sound Agent blog has a post up about Jason Hernandez’s new skate camera dolly contraption, which at once put my appreciation for DIY ingenuity at odds with my general distaste for the Ty Evans school of overwrought video production. It’s a cool idea, I guess, but at what point does the average kid with a VX2000 need some shit like this? Then again, if there are kids out there whose parents shell out the duckets for VX2000s and the various trappings that go along with them, what’s another $545? I mean, it’s not like these kids have anything else with wheels that will roll in a straight line…

Aw, fuck. It’s a free market right? And I like the idea of Jason Hernandez and his dad scribbling designs on the kitchen table and messing around in the garage for a few weeks to make this work, because it reminds me of building ramps with my dad. Holy shit, before I get all sentimental, I’m going to go ahead and link the demo video featuring Daniel Shimizu and Clint Peterson and some other dudes. Now excuse me while I troll YouTube for bittersweet Wonder Years* clips…

*Arnold and Pfeiffer, not Markovich and Lambert

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3 Responses to “Eazy does it”

  1. Kepner Says:

    The skateboard wheel idea came from some other dude, I saw it awhile back when I googled camera dollies, he used wheels from wal-mart boards and pvc to make a large dolly with a chair and handle that you could sit on. Still pretty cool though

  2. Watson Says:

    Ahahah Lambert. Why is it that every skater with the last name Lambert has horrible style?

    I am so bummed on Ty Evans over-production styles. Fuck HD video cameras. I used Hi8 up until last year and only got a VX because my Hi8 broke. And I made 3 videos on that Hi8. And my lens is always dirty. And I don’t give a fuck. You know why? Because this is skateboarding!

  3. Killa Says:

    Holy shit, haven’t seen that Duffs video since, well I guess right when it came out. Anyhow, I do think it’s cool that Jason did this before some outsider came in and raped ass. By filmers, for filmers? BFFF?

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