Miles away from ordinary

The happiest place on earth!

I can’t recall exactly how I ran across Terry Worona’s site–I’m assuming I found it in a dream and bookmarked it in another dream, or possibly something even more mystic. Anyway he’s a Ottawanian (?) photog with some pretty badass stuff up there; hopefully he doesn’t get bummed out about me cropping and reposting the Dave Nolan ollie up above, but the OG version was super wide and it’s one of the more unique photos I’ve seen in a long time.

So check the site–lots of good stuff in the “tearsheets” section. Here’s another one of my favorites. Big fan of tail fins right here. And Bible churches.

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2 Responses to “Miles away from ordinary”

  1. Eeen! Says:

    That Dave Nolan photo is amazing. Dylan Doubt and I talked about how that shot screamed Disneyland. A small pat on my own back for sharpening and popping the colors on that one.

  2. woronaphoto » Blog Archive » The Big Apple Says:

    […] the trip. Oh yea…I guess this site is becoming e-popular because one of my favorite blogs did post about me….they were feelin szeto too […]

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