Vincent Alvarez has potential

Ain’t shit to do but cook

The long-awaited (well at least a month or two) debut video part for young Vincent Alvarez hit today and mostly it’s pretty good, mostly because little VA isn’t the same type of super am the Crailtap posse has been signing in this, the Malto Age or whatever. He’s got a kind of weird selection of tricks, and they’re definitely not all pretty, but it’s refreshing to watch a kid who chooses to huck a switch smith grind up onto a tall flatbar instead of scootching b/s tail reverts on a three-foot-high bank or nollie inward heelflipping 16 stairs.

It’s also refreshing to see that Ty Bruckheimer has trimmed his Fully Flannel lumberjack beard and locks. Next let’s work on trimming the clips of dudes sitting on curbs and suddenly standing up, or the always inspiring run-and-throw-down-the-board shot.

I think I’m liking this kid though. With tricks like his first line and that switch 180 to 5-0 on the yellow rail, combined with the Diamond Head, brought to mind POL-era Henry Sanchez. Some tricks were pretty gross-looking, like the cab b/s lip on the ledge and the fakie lipslide tricks up the loading dock, and the switch tailslide 270 shove-it body varial (?) I’m kind of half-and-half on, but like Torey Pudwill, Alvarez seems like he’s putting some thought into his skating which I’m always a fan of. It was even cool to me how he landed horizontal on the bank with the fakie flip and half-cab flip.

So yeah. I wished there was more of his celebrated switch transition skating, but a few of those tricks (b/s lipslide to bluntslide, fakie bigspin bluntslide) were gold and the waterslide guitar hero moment was pretty inspired. Mike Mo and Malto are good and all, and I’m a fan of their skating, but it’s cool to me that an institution like Girl/Choco is still down to put on a kid like this who doesn’t land every trick the same exact way and has a little upper-body spaz. You know? Paco had Chico and Mulder next to Paulo and Gabe.

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5 Responses to “Vincent Alvarez has potential”

  1. Watson Says:

    What about Alex Olson? I think it was a real respectful move on Girl’s behalf turning someone pro like him, who obviously won’t sell as well as Malto or Mo.

    In any case, Alvarez is pretty sick. I’m not feeling the Fully Flared combos, but I guess that’s something we’re gonna have to deal with from now on, especially out of that camp. But I do think that he skates switch a little too much. Not really into all-switch guys. But you’re right, he does put thinking into his skating, which is good.

    You’re also right that that Diamond Head song was amazing, and that Ty Evans still goes way overboard on shitty editing. Maybe he wanted to edit it so you could plop it in the middle of a Fully Flared re-issue or something. Who knows?

  2. paulote Says:

    I could read 10 pages of your shit and don’t get even a bit bored.

    And again… good shht.


  3. Pic Says:

    Another great post. Totally agree with your comments about his skating.

    I was just bummed on the overuse of the dolly skate HD shots that basically made up the whole thing (in addition to all the dumb non-trick related stuff you mentioned). After watching a part shot like that, I hate to say it, but it makes me wish it had some standard VX fisheye footage. The part didn’t seem to have as much impact when almost all of it is long lens stuff. I could be in the minority on this one though.

  4. dan Says:

    really glad your cool with chocolates choice of rider and that even though some of vincents tricks were ” gross “, you at least were cool with some of it. let’s hope the skateboarding industry keeps making the right moves to keep you happy you fucking lunatic.

  5. Dong1 Says:

    Dear Dan, Choke yourself to death……

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