TK love the kids

Really I just wanted an excuse to repost this ad for Krew’s fake bulletproof vest.

Today’s Terry Kennedy update comes to us from, announcing that the solemn and dignified young man who worked his way out of poverty on four urethane wheels is once again selflessly giving of himself. Billed as a “Viva La Bam” star and “caption” of Pharrell’s Ice Cream squadron (it still exists right?), TK is set to get dirty tomorrow, but with a noble purpose–namely cleaning up the Venice skatepark, painting the exterior of the VCPJA building and making improvements to the sanctuary area. I’ve been trying to tell them the VCPJA building needs a new paint job for years, but, you know. I’m just one man.

But TK is just one man too, even if he does caption an Ice Cream Team and lead a Fly Society and have the Baker Boys behind him. So the powers that be chose to partner him with somebody on the cleanup detail, and the logical choice was of course Eazy E’s son, known to us all as Lil Eazy. Now what you have here is a movement, people. That VCPJA building is as good as painted. Real talk.

I see that Boost Mobile somehow butted their way into what TK probably intended as a quiet and reflective afternoon of improving and VCPJA building-painting, which is obviously sketchy in a way, because when Boost Mobile gets ahold of a couple rappers, you know the type of dude they bring to the mix. But according to the AllHipHop blurb the kids who help clean up the park get to go see Tracy Morgan along with Three 6 Mafia and, that’s right, Puddle of Mudd*. Now, originally I was going to kind of joke around about this whole deal but now I’m thinking about going. Maybe Tracy Morgan will get one of the Puddle of Mudds pregnant. Maybe he’ll get Jim Greco pregnant.

*How many people do you think wouldn’t be able to pick the Academy Award winner out of that lineup? More or less than the number of people who can’t find Iraq on a map?

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2 Responses to “TK love the kids”

  1. FDIC Says:

    Mickey avalon was a male prostitute

  2. Dong1 Says:

    Was? No….IS..still…

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