“You like me, you really like me”

Guy Mariano cleaned up at the TWS awards last weekend huh? Street skater of the year, best video part and reader’s choice, the latter of which is especially impressive from one of the magazines that was backing Sheckler so hard, and the exclusively 10-year-old demographic that they seem to be writing for. Now I’m not looking to get crucified or anything, but I kind of get the feeling that this is one of those deals where they’ll honor a dude’s career by recognizing his recent work after ignoring him for so long. Like how only the last Lord of the Rings movie got an Oscar, or how Scorsese only just got one for “The Departed” and not “Taxi Driver” or “Raging Bull” or “Goodfellas.”

Not that Mariano did much for most of the last decade that didn’t come in a little plastic bag. But the TWS awards, such as they are, are in their 10th year now… Mouse came out in what, 96? They gave Jerry Hsu all those awards last year and the enjoi video came out in early 2006… well, like writing, math isn’t one of my strong suits, but you see what I’m getting at. Considering the drama of the whole comeback story, probably Guy could have taken a dump on Abe Lincoln’s grave and the TWS squad would’ve given him an award for something or other. Now I’m not saying he’s not an amazing skater or that his Lakai part sucked or what have you. I’m just saying.

So does Mariano deserve that handful of weird globe thingies? (In all seriousness he did seem really touched, in a cool way.) This is of course a trick question as no dignified person should have to suffer being named TWS’s anything, and we all know the only award in skating that matters is SOTY. Whatever. I’m happy for Mariano and I remain very very glad he’s back. Here’s some leftover Berrics footage they posted up today. Still a beast.

But way more interesting is that TWS got Stevie Williams and Corey Duffel to present the award together, which struck me as kind of ingenious, and raises the possibility of similar odd-couple award presentations to come. Some potential combos:

-Mike Vallely and Mike O’Meally
-Chad Fernandez and Knox Godoy (perhaps Knox could open the envelope and call Nandez’s cell phone with the winner’s name)
-Henry Sanchez and half the skateboard industry (video screen in the background could feature a photoshopped picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in flames)
-Sean Sheffey and Ryan Fabry (or maybe Earl Parker and Chris Senn)
-Steve Berra and Jovontae Turner
-Heath Kirchart and a crew of Midwestern crack dealers
-Ed Templeton and David C. Novak, CEO of Yum! Brands, which runs Kentucky Fried Chicken
-Tony Hawk’s dad and Rodney Mullen’s dad
the SF twins

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5 Responses to “Three-peat”

  1. Watson Says:

    Well I don’t know if Heath and the crack dealers is the best example as they were never really advesarial such as most of your other examples. However, I do enjoy a good Barbarians At The Gate reference.

    I can’t believe the San Francisco twins have a wikipedia page! I didn’t know they were that famous.

    Sounds like that Marian is a trouble maker.

  2. ** Says:

    Steve Berra and Jovontae Turner and Oyola

  3. Anonymous Says:

    you might have to elaborate on all those references for the potential combos for your younger readers

  4. Anonymous Says:

    and i really dislike all of the body varial tricks guy does

    is that okay?

  5. Dong1 Says:

    Um….The Jovante and Berra one is the only one I’m not familiar with…Please explain?

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