Hook ups

Frontside grabbin’

From the “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!” files: Remember when the cheerleaders wouldn’t talk to you in high school because you were a shitbag skater? Yeah, Rob Dyrdek doesn’t either. This has been posted elsewhere but what piqued my interest is the dude who swings through around the 0:54 mark–is he wearing a Girl circle-G logo hat? (Warning, video is from TMZ, and also may not be safe for work, depending on where and how you work.)

Update: I thought I was on some 90s hat sleuth shit but I now see that they remade that hat as a New Era. And another piece of my childhood dies, or rather is reconstituted in 59fifty form, rendering this post pointless. Except that I watched Dyrdek’s part from “Memory Screen” again, which generally is as good a use of my time as anything else. Like so many other pro skater types I’m not totally convinced he ever topped his first big video part, though I am partial to his section in “Time Code.” Somebody say, yeah Dyrdek. Enjoy the ride while it lasts (all puns intended).

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3 Responses to “Hook ups”

  1. Watson Says:

    Fuck all that shit man. I want that hat!

  2. ** Says:

    Dyrdek did sw tail 270 out on a curb in 1992…that’s probably the best thing he ever did skating-wise.

  3. yudo Says:

    Thanks for this – great idea.

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