Rocky road

With team captain* TK jumping ship it appears as though the torrid rumors of Ice Cream’s skate foray coming to an end may not have been exaggerated, much to the disappointment of messageboard fish-barrel marksmen everywhere. So it goes. Believe it or not (I know) I sort of saw this one coming. My personal leading indicator, the Foot Action down the street from my neighborhood, got in a shipment of the notorious “Board Flip” model a few years back. Over the course of a few months I watched through the shop window as the pink, green, brown, orange and baby-blue hued Board Flips enjoyed a brief reign at the top of the shelf before sliding to mid-shelf a couple weeks later. A month went by before I wandered past Foot Action again, at which point I sadly shook my head, seeing the Board Flips now resting at the very bottom of the shelf. A week or two later the discount tags appeared, little nooses for the $39.99 condemned.

So: a cautionary tale about the difficulties of breaking into a new market, even if you put Jimmy Gorecki’s mug on 106 & Park. (I really wish I could find that clip on Youtube.) Nevertheless, the Ice Cream/BBC culture warriors stay on their grind, like Pharrell after the other dude in the Neptunes lost interest in producing rap music. Hence the new fall/winter 2008 collection, featuring among other items the lovely goldenrod number pictured above, which fetches 7,140 yen, or about $67 at the current exchange rate. Who said the Japanese economy was dead?

*Has Terry Kennedy never heard “The Mail Man”? I asked myself a similar question when Koston was running around in that Fourstar “Captain” shirt. Come on, dudes…

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One Response to “Rocky road”

  1. mort Says:

    skurban movement! noooooooo!

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