Front back

Wenning off DC? Kalis running the DC team? Carl Shipman back on Stereo? Al Davis on something else? Who knows. Let’s talk about frontside pop shove-its, underrated and probably under-utilized, and hopefully remaining that way. The day 13-year-olds are hucking big f/s pop-shoves down 15-stair sets, well, that would suck for all kinds of reasons. Here’s three takes from three masters, one old and two new:

Nick Trapasso, from the new Thrasher photo annual

Jeremy Reeves, same issue

Pappalardo, from an old Skateboarder. I wonder if this footage will show up in the Final Flare. Kind of doubt it…


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2 Responses to “Front back”

  1. rich Says:

    i love front shoves. they usually look so much better than pop shoves (when done right) and they feel awesome too. one of my favorite tricks to do. do them with a no comply and you have a fun day.

  2. Watson Says:

    Dude, I always used to do front shoves where you jump backwards, I was just a complete retard at them. Then just over a year ago, someone gave me the secret tip to do them right, and now it’s my go-to warm up trick. Dude when that shit slaps your feets, you’re havin a good time let me tell you.

    I almost front shoved the 3 stair at the skatepark last night. That’s a big deal for me. Seriously. HUGE deal hahah.

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