The Jimmy legs

Tiptoe through the tulips

Jimmy Gorecki has had an interesting career for sure. There must be some quality about him that catches the eye of the right people, because Sal Barbier put him on as one of Aesthetics’ initial second-generation amateur skaters, and he found his way onto the (allegedly) dearly departed Ice Cream shoe team as kind of an odd man out, being neither a no-name random at the time, nor Terry Kennedy. Also, he was (and to my knowledge still is) white.

Back in the heady days of bright yellow t-shirts and 411VM spinoff projects, a time known to us now as the early ’00s, Gorecki was pretty hot shit in Ryde or Die and his official introduction part. But around the time of Aesthetics’ great migration east something happened, because the few bits of footage he had in that string of Zoo promos were fairly booty.

So I was interested to check out this new part he put together for Sk8 site, everyone’s favorite, uh, sk8 website. Some old standards and some new tricks, some nice (switch f/s tailslide, switch f/s smith grind) and some ugly (nollie lipslide up the loading dock). But what boggled my mind—even more than the amazing Fly Society song, yes—was the little hops he sometimes does on his board after landing a trick. Often it’s just one foot but other times it almost looks like he’s hippie jumping over some invisible tripwire. There’s a close-up after his last trick, it’s like he’s tap-dancing over hot coals.

Note to board company representatives: As far as I know Gorecki is off Zoo now, so this would be where you work out a contract real quick and then send in one of your people who’s paid to monitor the Slap boards to write a comment below, something to the effect of: “Jimmy just doesn’t want to burn his feet because [insert hardgoods brand] are the hottest decks out this summer. Check for the core shop limited line of graphics in the new CCS!!” Meanwhile the rest of us can hold on tight to what may be some of the last skate footage of $90 day-glo green sneakers.


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5 Responses to “The Jimmy legs”

  1. ** Says:

    this part is sick :
    (sw f/s heels over Phila street gaps)
    I used to be a fan of this dude. IMO he jumped the shark when he moved to Miami and started fucking with “Fly Society” and streetwear kooks.

  2. Mike Says:

    Um, dude was always on the verge of being dope but he always meddled in mediocrity. Point in case is the video part linked. Some legit shit sprinkled into a part containing more fake lines (single ledge trick then a flatgrounder) than, well, legit shit.

  3. Dong1 Says:

    Mike – You called it….I kept saying to myself, “Man, this guy can’t do lines for shit….”

  4. jimmy gorecki Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    What a trash article. Show some respect.

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