Breaking news

This headline stolen from the Slap boards

Well, the skateboarding world was shaken today by the grim news that Sheckler busted his elbow. Probably best to let this hilarious “article” from fill you in on the details, since I’m still a bit shook up myself: learned today that Professional Skateboarder and Reality TV Star, Ryan Sheckler, has broken his arm just 4 days before the richest contest skateboarding has ever seen. Sheckler was favored by many for the $100,000 first place prize.

According to our source, “multiple breaks to the arm have caused a bone chip to be a primary source of the continuous dislocations. The recent break has caused ligament damage and will surely force a reason for surgery, or at the very least, a plan for surgery in the near future. He has refused a cast and will compete in the Maloof Money Cup and upcoming DEW Tour in Cleveland, Ohio.”

What a trooper. Then again, if 100 grand was on the line, I guess I’d skate with two broken legs and my ass in a sling. Not that I’m winning any contests in my peak physical form, such as it is. This is just the sad reality of my financial wherewithal. Anyway, here’s a smattering of reactions to today’s Sheckler news from around the web:

-good i hope he cant skate i dont like it when skaters get hurt but i dont like him eversence he left Almost

-break my dick off in his ass if he doesn’t win MALOOF!!!

-WHAAT :O poor ryan , get better soon !!!

-i kno it sucks i cant belive it

-my poor baby!

-its not like he died. we’re not that lucky.

-It would be a lot sicker if Billy Rohan were to win that $100,000, for instance.

-They stopped making the 159’s a little while after the stage 9’s came out. The 149’s have about a 8.5″ axle, the 169’s are a 9″ axle.


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6 Responses to “Breaking news”

  1. SB Says:

    He’s taking cue’s from Tiger Woods.

  2. Norm Says:

    The Sleestak quote was golden…

  3. zosch Says:

    sleestak: best statement to this “tragedy”

  4. m|w Says:

    can’t fade the muska

  5. Watson Says:

    Sounds like this will make for a juicy, dramatic episode next season!

  6. Rosalina Riendeau Says:

    wow really love your ideas maybe you can look at my swimwear blog

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