Man of faith

Don’t tell him what shirts he can’t wear…

Nosing around TSM’s blog-o-zone earlier I ran across this photo Dave Swift shot of Terry O’Quinn last winter in Hawaii, rocking a probably-too-tight-for-his-age RVCA shirt, as you can clearly see. Now I’m a fan of Lost and all, but unless TOQ’s kid is getting flowed this stuff I personally prefer my graying celebrities a little more classified. Probably his stylist pushed it on him, and at least it’s not riding way up on his gut. Still it reminds me uncomfortably of the batty old lady I saw at the bus stop last week wearing some beat-up 2002 DCs with no socks. If I may: Nah, brah. (Or ma, if you like.)

Since I’m on about Lost here this gives me an excuse to link Jorge Garcia’s blog for no real reason. Highly entertaining reading, as well as the occasional, bizarre drawing. There’s a lot about farting, and hanging out with his mom. So awesome.

And to throw this admittedly non-skateboarding post completely into Lost territory I’ll go ahead and post this video too (via the Hood Internet).


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