Mr. Roper’s Neighborhood

Blood on the asphalt

In the past I’ve kind of been turned off by Billy Roper’s effusive exuberance when it comes to his skateboarding prowess, but I won’t pretend that his “Mag Minute” video from the Skateboard Mag isn’t ridiculous or anything. The way things stand, my capacity for self deception hit the limit for the summer when I tried to convince myself the new Indiana Jones didn’t sort of suck. While it was easier to dismiss Billy Roper when he was backside tailsliding rails that Carroll backside lipslided a dozen years earlier (in a line), he definitely doesn’t suck and a lot of his tricks in this clip are serious bananas. To wit, the frontside tailslide bigger spin out.

Shit like that makes me wonder why PJ Ladd hasn’t thought up that trick and done it already, and Billy Roper definitely seems to take cues from PJ’s Boston heyday, especially with his tendency to do things the hard way: see the nollie crooked grind shove-it (frontside), backside bluntslide 360 shove-it (also frontside), f/s 5-0 b/s 180 out in the middle of the ledge, and the f/s nosegrind 180 off the wall. Yowch. Roper recently left the illustrious stables of Sugar Skateboards for some presumably greener pasture yet to be named, but in the meantime he’s wearing $30 T-shirts courtesty of the Hundreds and maybe he’ll show up on the Berrics in the next couple weeks.

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One Response to “Mr. Roper’s Neighborhood”

  1. Watson Says:

    I swear to god I had no idea who this guy was until this post.

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