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Besides the horribly shot photos, labored trick explanations and inventing of phrases like “double ollie,” the nails-on-a-chalkboard quality of secular press stories on skateboarding is made worse by reporters’ tendency to assign skateboarders the verbal tics of gum-popping OC mallrats. From yesterday’s Chicago Tribune:

Skater dudes of the world may have found a couple of new heroes in Mike Kosciesza and Arthur Swidzinski, but the two suburban residents just wanted, like, to capture the spirit of America and use their talents for filmmaking.

I mean, fuck. These guys skated from Chicago to New York, so calling their mental states into question might be fair, but they’re 20 years old for God’s sake. You don’t see reporters quoting every “like” “uh” or “you know” that comes out the mouth of your average little leaguer, or even NBA players. Personally I’d rather the world at large pay as little attention to skateboarding as possible, but since that’s not likely with press releases going out about broken Sheckler bones, how bout some dignity here, huh? Not for me so much. I eat out of trash cans and roll in my own filth. But that doesn’t mean upstanding, well-spoken individuals such as Sammy Baca or Daniel Renaud need be painted with the same broad brush.


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One Response to “The Fourth Estate”

  1. Not the new stereo video Says:

    I suggest you post this comment on their website. So they know that at least ONE skateboarder in the world can make an actual sentence. Like, you know, dude.
    I don’t know when somebody has decided that all US journalists at once had to wear their “cool vernacular” clothes the second they approach skateboarding. Gotta fit the cliche, I guess

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