E for effort

You know how we do

First off I want to preface all this shit by saying I got a 30 on my ACT test back in high school. Which is a roundabout way of trying to convince myself that I’m not a total idiot because I flunked the Girl quiz in the new Wallride catalogue that went up the other day (page 5). Pretty rough. You’d think having skated for longer than Sean Malto has been a living organism would maybe give you a leg up, but you’d be wrong, at least in my own sad case. I bet the police informer guy aced it. At least I got the one about Schnurr.

In my defense, I did assume that I was dealing with some trick questions, like the one that referred to Canada as a “great country.”

Anyway, with my mind freshly quizzed up, I clicked through to the Chocolate section to count how many sympathy vote boards Gino and Castillo got this time around, where the “license plate” series caught my eye. Not so much for the graphics, which are fine and all, but more for the quizzing potential. So without the benefit of the dimensions and the states, Boil the Ocean hereby challenges you, the boily reader, to match the vanity plate with the Chocolate pro. Simply draw a line from the slogan to the pro’s name on your computer screen with a fragrant black marker.

RDN GRN ????????????????????????????? Chris Roberts
SOTY 07 ????????????????????????????? Anthony Pappalardo
HRD2FND ????????????????????????????? Marc Johnson
NICA SON ???????????????????????????? Justin Eldridge
CHOCOL8 ????????????????????????????? Kenny Anderson
ON2WHLZ ????????????????????????????? Devine Calloway
420 247 ??????????????????????????????? Chico Brenes

(The answers can be found on page 26 of the Wallride pdf, which you should check out anyway because the generally amazing Skate Mental has a really great shirt commemorating R. Kelly’s freedom and his love for sharing urine.)

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4 Responses to “E for effort”

  1. Watson Says:

    Dude, I thought I was gonna ace that Girl quiz, but I only got a shameful 5 out of 16. I seriously thought I was gonna kill it. I’m Canadian and I even missed the Canada question. Probably because my mind was trying to block out the fact that Colin McKay was ever a part of the team.

    I totally resent that “great country” joke though. Boooooooooooo! Just kidding, pretty funny.

  2. ** Says:

    Pappalardo’s license plate is way too funny.
    I guess it was too hard to fit “SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER” on a license plate.

  3. D’s Get Degrees « boil the ocean Says:

    […] with no small amount of dread. Longtime readers (i.e., five months or more) will remember that such skateboard quizzes are kind of a Quixotic quest of mine. […]

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