Ladies and gentlemen…

Please welcome back the high-top fade Chris Cole.

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6 Responses to “Ladies and gentlemen…”

  1. Andy Says:

    Chris absolutely killed it at Maloof. Definitely one of my current fav’s and seems to have a really good attitude.

  2. Pic Says:

    Chris Cole is nothing short of amazing on a board, but I do think you would be hard pressed to find someone else who switched his kit up so quickly. He pretty much went from the baggy clothes hip-hop look to tight pants rocker style in a blink of an eye. I could totally be mistaken, but didn’t he just show up at an old Tampa contest with the new look once he got on Zero?

    Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just thought it was pretty funny at the time due to how quickly the transformation happened.

  3. stoney dukes Says:

    Maybe he’s just kicking it tweener style, cuz he hasn’t gone full blown spandex yet. Still some air getting to the boys at least. I hadn’t seen the hip-hop Chris, so I wouldn’t know how drastic the switch up was.

  4. Watson Says:

    I’ve said this once, and I guess I’ll have to say this many times more. The “fresh to hesh” change up seriously took place over like 6 to 8 years. Who looks and dresses the same as they did that long ago? Not many.

    I’m fully backing Cole. He rips so fuckin hard, and despite what people say about his “transformation” he’s not rockin any crazy gimmicks. Pretty much just shreds, and leaves it at that.

    I wish I could grow a fuckin high top fade like that, let me tell you.

  5. Pic Says:

    6-8 years? Come on man, that isn’t even close. His style change up happened in 1-2 years max. You could possibly argue 3 years, if you count that one trick (s/s f/s t/s heelflip out) he had in some 411 chaos section as his emergence onto the scene. However, if I am remembering correctly, I think there was a good gap between that and when he really first started to get major coverage.

    I don’t knock him for it at all, just thought it was funny. Like you said, everyone changes up there style over the years. Look back at any pro and you will see it. His happened to stand out because of the speed which it occurred at and the fact that it coincided with him getting on Zero.

    Again, Cole fucking rips and nothing can take away from that. He could wear bermuda shorts and flip flops and I would still get stoked to skate from watching his footage.

    By the way, that f/s 180 to switch feeble 180 out at the Maloof contest was ridiculous.

  6. Watson Says:

    Yeah, it was very obvious that the change up happened coinciding with his switch to Zero. But I just don’t think that it was as abrupt of a change as most people remember. Like if you watch In Bloom, he obviously started being a little more hesh or whatever, but it wasn’t full on tight pants, long hair, etc, etc. It was just like black t-shirts and ripped jeans rather than yellow t-shirts and swooshies. I just think it’s funny when people get all in a huff about people changing their style. No one’s pointed the fresh to hesh finger at Daewon for example. Well I mean, he’s not hesh. But tight pants, etc from Matix jersey’s and crummy crochet hip hop beanies. (R&Beanie).

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