The night Michael Seiben wore his wolf suit

Let the wild rumpus start

The brothers Warner may or may not have pulled the plug on Spike Jonze’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” which sucks, because hearing about little kids running out of the theater in abject fear only makes me want to see it more. And it could make for a great viral marketing campaign. Security camera footage of wailing children fleeing, their mumu-clad moms huffing and puffing after them. “What scarred little Jimmy for life? Find out in theaters Summer 2009.” Eh, maybe not.

But until then, Adidas has up a truly strange and fantastic Michael Seiben commercial that ends up being somewhat close to the Maurice Sendak classic, at least in spirit. (Click on “Seiben” and then “video” in the lower right.) I was a big fan of Seiben’s Thrasher column, though it seemed like he got bored with it pretty quick, and he appears way less overweight and hairy than I imagined, for some reason. Hopefully his new Roger endeavor works out better than the ill-fated Bueno.

Off topic, Sidewalk and others are reporting that London’s Southbank spot won’t be redeveloped, good news for anybody who enjoys skateboarding, tipping beers and waving at the cops as they pass by.

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2 Responses to “The night Michael Seiben wore his wolf suit”

  1. Watson Says:

    Oh man, that’s actually a great ad. Really stoked on it.

    However, the colourway is ugly. Ever noticed how everytime someone gets their own colourway they make it all weird and gross and not matching so that it seems all “limited edition”? Still though, how stoked would you be to get your own colourway? That guy must have gotten so many free Adidas.

  2. Mr. Says:

    I’m exicted about Roger Skateboards. I thought Bueno’s “Wizards Of Radical” was the funnest skate video I’d seen in years.
    If I was going to watch a skatefilm pre-skate I’d choose that over Lakai anyday. A lot of companies seem to have forgotten that videos are meant to re-energise you.

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