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Some people* get pretty bitter about the reconstituted Plan B of the 00’s, but this takes things to World Industries levels of silliness. Is Sims snowboards following Burton’s lead in a bid to get juicy slice of that oh-so-profitable skate hardgoods pie? It’s just crazy enough to work.

On a related note, check this shit out. Inventor of the McTwist or no, McGill better be banking like crazy off all these Wal-Mart ready products, or else dredging the gutter as part of the “downward spiral” portion of his eventual “True Hollywood Story.” Tony Hawk just turned 40 and McGill may be making a play at attaining the status of richest Bones Brigadier before the decade’s out. Watch your back, Birdman…

*including me sometimes

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3 Responses to “Where you been”

  1. SB Says:

    What would be the icing on the cake is if they brought back the Hosoi “kamikaze” logo that said SIMS in the middle instead of Hosoi after he left to go to Alva.

    I’ve also noticed on a recent visit to Wal-Mart (which I try my hardest to avoid) that McGill has his own shoes. A few different styles in fact!

  2. m|w Says:

    ha ha, one of my buddies had a crappy sims deck in ’94. funny thing is ol’ tommy sims probably isn’t gonna get one cent out of his name being on some crapsticks.

  3. sam Says:

    sims got bought by the parent company of sports authority. hence, all of the crap produced lately with the sims name.

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