Hard knock life


P-Rod and PLG went home rich with Maloof money earlier this month, but the enduring champion of the Money Cup weekend seems to be switch firecrackering, afro-puffed Baker filmer Beagle. Motives remain hazy and there seem to be as many accounts of the Beagle/Duffel brawl as there are bizarre wallride variations up Richie Jackson’s paisley sleeves, but in the ensuing weeks Beagle has become this month’s skateboarding folk hero. Clyde Singleton says what everyone* is thinking:

Beagle. i usually take this day to do my Throwback Thursdays. But being a man of honor. as well as a fellow modern day Spartan, myself. i must give you the hghest honor in Gullyness, as well as “ass kickedgry” known to man. the only person who i’d be happier to see gettin the beats like this is.. well. nobody. you’ve done more for Blacks, than Jesse Jackson punk ass. this, my friend- is one of THE greatest days i’ve come to see in my 20yrs of skateboarding. All i can really say, is THANK YOU brotha.. you EVER need ANYTHING, you holla at a G. and thas my word.

Maybe BA will get ahold of the Duffman next.

*Everyone who skated prior to the year 2001, that is…


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3 Responses to “Hard knock life”

  1. cop3 Says:

    whats the beef between BA and duffel?

  2. FB Says:

    Sounds interesting.
    Tell us more tell us more!!!!

  3. Kepner Says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Beagle is kind of a doofus? And just cuz some yo’d out white dude punched some tight-clothed white dude that said ni**er one time hardly makes it a black rights movement. I also highly doubt Duffel got his “ass kicked.” If that were the case there would definitely be more documentation.

    Also, I really enjoy your blog, Boil. The writing is top-notch. Later.

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