This is skateboarding 2008

And to think if you would have asked me 10 years ago what the highlight of the X Games 2008 would be, I never would have guessed. Funny how things work out eh?

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8 Responses to “This is skateboarding 2008”

  1. ytur Says:

    bob has dem magnets okay

  2. Mike Says:

    Magnets are still no excuse for a grown man to celebrate that much after landing something; grabbing his nuts ala Stevie would be way more sick. Hope that link works.

  3. Dong1 Says:

    Lets celebrate litttle more, shall we? Bob-Le Douche is such a drama queen….I could understand if Danny Way celebrated, he got fucked and still landed some insane shit….I heard word of mouth that riders were told to do more celebrating becuase it would “Hype the crowd and make the riders more interesting to watch.” Bullshit, Sheck-tard was flaunting his stink all over the street course while Malto lands something amazing, has a smile, and just keeps rolling….

    “I just want a (to) chill (get my) girl (dick wet)….”

  4. Forbes Says:

    That’s some heavy gay stufff

  5. rich Says:

    did bob even really do anything that hard? did he deserve this gold or is it yet another safe bet by espn to give the gold to a name the crowd recognizes?

  6. Gavin Says:

    what in the fuck? he was crying? i got 2nd hand embarrassment watching that..

  7. Derk Says:

    It felt like watching the great gutter open, only this wasn’t meant to be funny

  8. Kepner Says:

    do they really use magnets? For real?
    I also experienced second hand embarrassment.
    I watched this alone in my office and actually said out loud, “what the fuuuck?!” all quietly.

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