Not going gently

See, this is why the scans and shit are better left to the police informers and carbonites and chrome balls of the world. I scan some shit and you get big creases and generous portions of the picture torn away from the tape that once upon a time pasted this to my bedroom wall. This is the sad state of my little tribute to Ray Underhill, the late-period Bones Brigadier, often forgotten and a pro I sometimes think of as a precursor to the current era’s Erik Ellington, for some reason. The photo’s from his TWS pro spotlight in 1990 or maybe 1991, around the time Propaganda came out. I always thought his necklace graphics were kind of badass. Anyway, there’s a decidedly less half-assed tribute up at that’s worth visiting, if like me you need a reminder now and then about this whole skateboarding-as-a-community idea. RIP.

What else, shit, I don’t know. It’s summertime. SBN seems to have jumped to Adidas. Flip reportedly is doing everything in its power to persuade Appleyard that there is no better wood company to skate for, despite what he may think. How about Louie Lopez in the new Transworld looking like a mini David Gonzales? Would that make him three feet tall instead of four? Remember that Big Brother quotables column where they quoted a couple older Mexican gentlemen whistling and hollering “ay chica!” at a young Brandon Turner? I bet DG and LL get that all the time.

Also, Stefan Janoski has invented the first Nike boat shoe. Nick Trapasso and Torey Pudwill both cashed in their dues for well-deserved pro boards… Terrel Robinson and Angel Ramirez, possibly less so, but then again I’m no type of authority on whose name will sell a Darkstar board. Come to think of it I don’t even know where one might acquire a Darkstar board without clicking past a bunch of Sheckler popups. But these are just a few of my several personal problems. How about I post another photo of Ray Underhill and shut up for the day:

This reminds me, is anybody else as excited as I am about Es bringing back the lacesaver in its next lineup?



2 Responses to “Not going gently”

  1. Watson Says:

    They’ve had that lace saver on the Justin Eldridge mid for a couple years now. My friend is sponsored by Es and whenever they send him that shoe he cuts the strap off because he thinks it’s ugly. I always tell him he’s a fucking idiot for doing it.

  2. pilot light Says:

    I meant this one

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