A different world


Now this here is retarded, fucked up and just plain goddamn silly on multiple levels. First off, let’s bear in mind our fedora hierarchy: Dick Tracy, Eddie Valiant, Dune, rail-thin douchebags who also own Chuck Taylors, everybody else. If they’re giving Greg Lutzka, who by all accounts is dumb as a sack of publicly educated doorknobs, a pro model fedora, they may as well give Fred Gall a damn space helmet.

Second, this corporate car-crash of a ménage à trois collabo is pretty presumptuous. I mean would this type of shit fly in GQ? (I ask because I don’t read GQ because when I’ve attempted to purchase an issue myself the gentleman at the newstand just looks at my threadbare garments and shakes his head in a depressed and weary manner.) One would have to assume that Daewon & co. are counting the days til Plan B takes the Lutz off their hands. Also: “frogskin” hat? Somebody get Mr. Burns on the line.

Now, I haven’t seen the board and sunglasses that presumably accompany this hat, but do you really need to? If you saw somebody with the whole kit at the local modular hockey-rink skatepark, it’s probably a safe bet that the person cannot 1. kickflip, 2. ollie, 3. drive (well), and 4. properly manage his/her finances, so keep your eyes peeled and remember those sales pitches for Brooklyn-located bridges, people.

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6 Responses to “A different world”

  1. Dudestofferson Says:

    I would totally buy a Fred Gall model space helmet.

  2. Andy Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t expect anything less from that dude. And like Sheckler who also has quite a bit of talent, it is just ruined on a complete disaster of a persona.

  3. Dong1 Says:

    Fag-Doras are one of the absolute worst trends in skateboarding right now…I hate everyone I see wearing them (Reguardless if they skate or not)…..You just look fucking silly in that shit…..I’ll only allow Trappasso* to get away with it becuase….well…becuase the dude fucking rips (and becuase he doesn’t snap his fingers and clap if he lands something awsome…)

    And by space helmet, you mean pro Kangol hat right?

  4. Art Says:

    Remember when Maggie has the dream with Dr. Fleischman wearing a black fedora…I mean, given her history with men there was definitely cause for alarm!

  5. Watson Says:

    I owned a fedora once. Yeesh.

    I honestly think I hate Lutzka more than Sheckler. I was also gonna post about the ridiculous nature of a Lutzka pro New Era fedora.

  6. game Says:

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