Takin care of business

And working overtime

This is the 100th post on BTO (an acronym I didn’t even think of until Mike Munzenrider used it) so how about we flip the script today: original content, as opposed to me running off at the mouth on everybody else’s shit. Well, sort of original. This is a video I edited together a while back featuring about eight minutes of Josh Kalis footage yanked from guest tricks, montages, 411’s, bonus sections and whatnot. It’s not exhaustive by any means, but I used pretty much everything I had at my disposal, running from the “Heavy Metal” days to Big Brother’s “boob” to a board set-up feature in one of the last 411s before they switched the format. Lennie Kirk, Fred Gall and Stevie Williams make appearances. I’m by no means any kind of video editor and I used some pretty wack software. So the parts that suck, that’s my excuse, and any parts that are good I definitely did on purpose for sure.

And before I forget, thanks to everybody that’s read the blathering here, written nice things about the site, linked here, and chimed in with a comment or whatever.

Addendum: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that AWS Filmworks has put up a bunch of updates this past week, most recently a clip of Jake Johnson ramrodding a huge switch wallride in Minneapolis. The other clips are also the shit.

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8 Responses to “Takin care of business”

  1. Art Says:

    Congrats on 100 doood! I just watched that Kalis part last week.

    “Jesse was twice the man you are. And he was a bear.” – Holling Vincoeur

  2. Grim Says:

    Kalis is a skaters skater

  3. slum dunny Says:

    ive been hoping for something like this since i saw that tom penny one

  4. whatevs Says:

    “best street skater ever” according to phelps if i can remember. im inclined to agree

  5. Grimy Says:

    Yeah, that Kalis footage was rare, well chosen, and soooo ill. Best STREET skater ever.

  6. Grimy Says:

    Can you post the new Pandemic video on here to watch? I gots to see Lavar’s part!

  7. gnargore Says:

    dear boiler, i saw this and thought of you.

    the etnies half cab. shame on dill.
    keep up the good work. from tom in england.

  8. ishotvoltron Says:

    Illest shit ever. What happened to that line back in the day at the pier spot in NYC– Kalis nabs the freshest fakie flip documented?

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