Emmanuel Guzman: King Cobra

Just one Pepsi

There’s certain skateboarders who definitely are of the moment and sort of a product of everything happening in skating right this minute, like, I don’t know, Torey Pudwill for instance, Jim Greco around the time of Baker2G, maybe Donny Barley in the mid-90s. Then you have other skateboarders who seem like they would have been great skaters at any point over the last 35 or so years–Alex Olson would be a good example I think, and Emmanuel Guzman. He’s got his kickflip backside smith grinds on rails, yeah, but especially with his transition stuff he strikes me as deeply steeped in skateboard lore. Born in Santa Cruz, skates for Santa Cruz; rides Independent trucks and boards with hand-drawn skeleton graphics; knows who Suicidal Tendencies are, etc.

Despite a career-making curtains part in TWS’s unfortunately named “Let’s Do This!”, I have this hunch that, like Rick McCrank, it’s tough to put together a video part that really does justice to the way Emmanuel Guzman skates. He hasn’t stopped trying though, God bless him, and has a sweet new part in the new installment of Vox shoes’ “Black and Blue”, which seems intent on challenging NHS’s “Strange Notes” series for the title of pumping out imminently disposable DVDs. Hey, when you’re cribbing out of the Vans playbook for shoe designs, you can afford niceties like a video production department. (Jokes, people.)

Here’s the part–the mega backside 180 into the ditch, the kickflip to fakie off the wall and the final backside tailslide are all mind bogglers.

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One Response to “Emmanuel Guzman: King Cobra”

  1. Watson Says:

    Don’t forget Busenitz in the timeless skaters category.

    Your tags always crack me up. “Crystal Pepsi.” The first time I ever tried Crystal Pepsi was the first day I ever bought condoms. I made the long winter walk to the local drug store, tried to figure out what condoms to buy which took about 45 minutes because you’re too embarrassed to stand in front of the condoms trying to figure it out, so you look for a minute, then go to another part of the store and come back, and then of course you have to buy a bunch of other shit you don’t need so it doesn’t look like you’re JUST buying condoms. I think I was 14. And if memory serves me right I had those condoms so long that they expired.

    The Crystal Pepsi was alright, but all I wanted was a condom. Just one condom.

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