Women of DC

Ladies’ night

I always knew that DC made women’s shoes, in the same vague way I know of the feminine reproductive system. It’s there, I guess, and it functions somehow, but I couldn’t provide details or draw up any kind of helpful map. That is, until I stumbled upon a veritable sex-education course in the form of shoe discounter 6PM.com, where I found myself unable to look away from the gooshy details. Here’s what I learned from my time in the wild:

The Highland brings Half-Cab knockoff stylings to a slipper readymade for mall crawling or a domesticated afternoon at Williams-Sonoma… provided you can get those crazy DC boys to slow down for even a second. Remember ladies: Ken Block isn’t just the cofounder and chief brand officer, he’s also on the team.

A somewhat more functional number, the Svelte is suitable for running up and down sand dunes, chasing after the likes of bike boys Adam Jones and Ben Townley (favorite movie: “Wedding Crashers”).

The Melrose will look good in DC–District of Columbia, not Droors Clothing–on Jan. 20, 2009, if Obama blows it. Think of the pride you’d feel in God and country, standing there arm-in-arm with Danny Way as newly sworn-in President McCain announces he’ll press for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

The Venice Lace, for ladies who are submissive and subdued, but still extreme. Comfort and style for a fire-and-brimstone Sunday morning with the Rev. Lennie Kirk, provided he ever gets outta the joint. Hold your head, Lennie.


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One Response to “Women of DC”

  1. Steele Says:

    You can do this to any of the bigger “skate” shoe companies (or their “less core affiliate”… whats the point… in saying that what you normally post is on point. Win me back with a Greco fashion update or two.

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