All apologies

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll

This new Xtremely Sorry trailer has me reluctantly anticipating the new Flip video in the same resigned way I did the new Indiana Jones movie. I mean I know going in that it’s probably gonna sort of suck, but it’s got enough going for it from a nostalgic/faded glory angle that I’m sure I’ll wind up watching it, enjoy a few parts, but inevitably be bummed out and shake my head in that jaded old guy way. You know you do it too…

What’s maybe most interesting is that Flip is, to put it generously, in a transitional period right now, much like Bob Burnquist’s love life. Put less generously, Flip’s team is coming apart at the seams, losing legends and loading the team with diminutive youths who have hard-to-pronounce names, and a couple old vert guys.

Who is on Flip now? The Penny/Rowley/Rune triad remains intact, so it’s not like the sun started rising in the west. Arto flew the coop, yes, but Appleyard’s still there, though whether he’ll stick around til the video drops is anybody’s guess.

There’s the Firm refugees, Rodrigo Teixeira may be sitting on an MJ-size part by this point while the swooshing of Lance Mountain seems to have given his 30-year run yet another shot in the arm. As the former owner of a doughboy board I guess I’m not mad about that at all. (Whither the skate career of Lance Jr.)

Elsewise: one dude in jail. One dude dead. A five-foot tall kid from Colombia who buys AC/DC shirts at Hot Topic and a bunch more 14-year-olds whose names I can’t recall but who, we have been assured, will be around for many many years to come. Ah, and Bob, who hopefully has wiped those sweet, sweet X-Games tears from his eyes by now and will take another stab at landing that Grand Canyon jump.

Because, if he didn’t touch down on those Fury 216s, it does not count.

Quite the mixed bag, non? If they kicked off all the veterans, signed a grab bag of free agents and revived the career of somebody like, I dunno, Ronnie Bertino, Flip could sell out to a multinational surf apparel concern and become the new Element, or maybe a continental-flavored Zoo. It’s concepts like these that Jeremy Fox no doubt ponders in the wee hours of the morning as he waits for his tea to steep. (Tea steeps, right? I drink only the finest iced-brewed malt liquors so I wouldn’t know.)

But there’s plenty more to ponder about this Flip video, and as I personally have little better to occupy my mind, I find myself pondering away. Is a Rowley comeback in the offing after his years in the wilderness? Will Tom Penny’s US visa issues see him returning into the wilderness after being back from the wilderness for a few years? Is Mark Appleyard in the wilderness right now? (AKA Canada?) Did they know when they kicked Eric Fletcher off that he would be doing hardflip backside tailslide bigspins (in lines) and shit like this? Are Bastien Salabanzi’s occasional double-flipping appearances (read: wins) on the Euro contest circuit purely to finance his hotel lobby Stevie Ray Vaughn lifestyle? How come they don’t put Willow on? And why don’t I make a post about the Fallen DVD, which I’ve seen now. Who knows.

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5 Responses to “All apologies”

  1. drew Says:

    appels on habitat after vid

  2. Skate Nazi Says:

    Hahahahaha, steeping tea, that’s rich.
    Good shit, really good shit.

  3. Neil Says:

    yeah, why haven’t you posted on the Fallen video? Well IMO Its got great skating, yes, but it feels like just another Zero video like all the others. It gets monotonous after awhile.

  4. Kepner Says:

    If you’re referring to David Gonzalez as the five-foot-tall girl, and in turn somehow discounting him, that’s ridiculous. When this vid comes out he is going to elicit numerous “what-the-fuck?!”‘s for sure. That dude/chick is amazing.

  5. Julian Q Says:

    So sad that it Salabanzi won’t have a part in the upcoming flip video but I know that he will have a full part in the hawaii surf skateshop video

    Don’t you have some information about the release date ?

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