Chris Cole: Demolition Man

Sad but true

I was thinking to myself on the train the other day that maybe I should title a post about Chris Cole’s more or less flabbergasting Fallen video part something like “Chris Cole: Better Than Guy Mariano.” Not that I necessarily believe such a thing or that I sit around constructing mental “dude X is so totally better than dude Y” WWF matchups, I just thought it would maybe be funny and you know, edgy and shit. But then I thought how it would just be stupid and I promptly forgot about it til just now. You see how my mind works, it’s like a laser…

Anyhow, I suppose I could blab on about Chris Cole’s wristbands, or the whole Zero makeover, or Andy Mac-yellow T-shirts or poached 360s or perhaps how Chris Cole has a proven knack for thinking up ways to push the skateboard envelope (mile-long hubba frontside boardslide in “Dying To Live”, backside 360 noseblunt in “Zero or Die”, flip-out ledge sorcery in “Ride the Sky”). More to the point I could banter about how lucky we are that the dude has his head screwed on straight, to some degree anyway, and that there are indeed people in that exalted 99th percentile of skateboarding’s crop-creamers that aren’t out for the reality TV dollar, the Dew Tour crown, rap-and/or-rock stardom, signature streetwear lines, cavorting in Vegas with Shaun White, etc.

But as the years go by I think we have to look back at that fateful Tampa sit-down in the fleabag motel and extend a sincere thank-you to Jamie Thomas for giving Chris Cole the heads-up on The Way The Industry Really Works etc. and later giving him a platform to get completely fucking ridiculous with tricks and whatnot. Which isn’t to say that Chris Cole would have fallen out of the game or anything, although I suppose it’s possible, considering his preference for Pennsylvania living over Southern California or Barcelona or what have you.

So I guess I’ll wrap up this longwinded and purely 100% platonic love letter to Chris Cole’s skateboarding with the half-hearted disclaimer that I haven’t ever really owned a Chris Cole board or shoes, or any Zero stuff outside the videos, with the exception of a shirt I picked up somewhere in the “Thrill of It All” days and a patch that came with some Unicron DVDs. (I also have a Slayer patch should I choose to pursue my own metallic reimaging.) And sometimes I think his arms swing kind of like a caveman.

But I am a fan. And while I’m not sure I believe the rumor going around about Chris Cole getting SOTY again (I think it would be a stunning lack of imagination on the part of Phelps & Co.), he’s a pretty obvious frontrunner if winning it like three years ago doesn’t automatically disqualify you. Heath Kirchart, you have three months to either put the Alien video out yourself, do a 18-page Thrasher interview or join Anti-Hero.

Addendum: I did Josh Harmony sort of wrong in the last posting by omitting his fakie bigger spin down the Le Dome jubble-set, which was pretty insane.


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6 Responses to “Chris Cole: Demolition Man”

  1. Mike Says:

    First off, if this were my site, readers would have stopped at the “Chris Cole is better than Guy Mariano,” bit, stopped reading, and then flayed me alive in the comments, no doubt calling me stupid, homosexual, and probably a different derogatory term for homosexual after that…

    Anyways, Cole is a 99.9 percenter-his very first trick says it all pretty much. And I agree, there are times when he gets a little neolithic, but overall, how can you fuck with any of it? We’re not worthy. I can say that I’d be stunned if Cole was SOTY again, I mean, would he be the first repeat ever? If so, I just gotta say, he ain’t that good, yet…

  2. Brad K. Says:

    Wasn’t Danny Way SOTY in ’91 and ’04? I’m not a Danny Way fan just bringing it up.

    I don’t think anyone should get it twice, its too big of an honor.

  3. Watson Says:

    I think the funniest thing was when people on the Slap boards were rallying for Kellen James to be SOTY. Seriously, Kellen James? He’s good, but….

    Silas Baxter would be amazing, but not sure if they need someone more epic.

    I gotta commend you on using the term “jubble set”. Definitely a welsh-ism that me and all my friends use.

  4. ** Says:

    “Chris Cole: Better Than Guy Mariano.”

    That would be a good topic if there was, like, a skating version of sports talk radio.


  5. drew Says:

    silas should get it . 3 covers mad coverage and interviews

  6. Captain planet Says:

    Coles tricks are insane and he keeps stepping it up. I wouldn’t be mad if he won SOTY, but I agree that it wouldn’t reflect to well on Phelps for a creative choice. But screw creativity. If someone busted more than anyone else in a given year, then they are the SOTY. I also would like to throw in my vote for Silas though. He is seriously a machine and has had a huge amount of coverage over the last couple of years.

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