You See What Happens, Larry?

This is what happens, Larry

A bit on the nose, but this Lebowski series from 5:AM is simply too sweet not to post up. It may or may not have been out for quite a while (I just recently caught it on the DLX message board), which makes you wonder whether they’ve pursued similar Lebowski-themed graphics since. My vote for the next lineup would include:

-Knox Harrington (the video artist)
-Uli (Karl Hungus)
-Dafino (private snoop)
-Arthur Digby Sellers (in iron lung)
-Malibu police chief (fucking fascist)


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3 Responses to “You See What Happens, Larry?”

  1. Watson Says:

    Yes, I think your choices are good for the next series, but as far as Knox, I’d hate to see someone with a cleft asshole on a skateboard.

    Here are some alternate choices.

    -The Marmot (The Ferret)
    -The naked chick on the trampoline.
    -The cover of Autobahn’s LP.
    -Jackie Treehorn’s drawing of the guy with a huge cock.
    -The cab driver who loves the Eagles.
    -The most comically underrated character in the movie, Liam.

    Great post.

  2. ersatz Says:

    Bunny and the Nihilists would be pretty rad.

  3. Lincoln McLennan Says:

    Hey thanks for the props!

    The decks have been available for about a year.

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