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To most of you, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk will be familiar as the hometown of Dr. Thomas Girdlestone (1758-1822), known as one of the first advocates of using arsenic salts to treat Psoriasis and Lepra in the early 19th century. I on the other hand tend to associate Yarmouth with the amazing Chewy Cannon, a regular-footer of extraordinary technical prowess who put together what is in my opinion one of the really timeless parts of this decade in Blueprint’s “Lost & Found” a few years back.

Footage of Chewy Cannon has been sort of hard to come by since then, but the other day I came up on this recent mini-section in a Yarmouth video called “Rolling Like Kings,” a part for which we can maybe thank Adidas (whose site I nabbed the above CC pic from), if he was looking to dump some of his swoosh footage ahead of “Make Friends With the Colour Blue” (which can’t come soon enough). The dude has lost nary a step – still lightning-quick with the switch k-grinds and nollie cabs, and the way he sits back on the fakie nosegrinds/manuals is super impressive. Also sweet are the tossed-off switch backside bigspin on flat and all the powersqueaks in the South Bank line. Bananas, with impeccable execution:

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10 Responses to “Tick Tick Boom”

  1. RMcD Says:

    Are those just Adidas Sambas in that last bad ass line?

  2. Watson Says:

    Yeah, this guy is really good. Skates like a man.

    RMcD – No, those are Adidas Campus ST. I skated a pair of the same colourway. They were really good.

  3. RMcD Says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to pick a pair up soon.

  4. Grimy Says:

    Thanks…that dude is freakin’ amazing.

  5. Kevin J Says:

    Chewy rips. And as far as the new Blueprint video, it won’t “change skateboarding,” but it will make it that much better for those who appreciate it. Can’t wait. Anyone know the release date?

  6. mort Says:

    CHEWY, yeah i need another blueprint fix, when is it

  7. goldchain Says:

    He seems to rep, the green room… I’m feeling it. Sick post.

  8. -kw Says:

    Secret assassin.

  9. thisucks Says:


  10. gmoney Says:

    adidas Euro team video is dropping in 2009 with a part from Chewy.

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