If Boil the Ocean had an art budget (and an artist) the photo above would be some combo of this and this with the letters “SOTY” underneath, but, yeah. Budgetless art courtesy of Erik; thanks also to YWS Eeen for his offer.

Similar to the USA, Thrasher put a fresh-faced, left-leaning young man in its number one spot, both largely untested and with a rather unlikely three-name combo. Perhaps a sign of change, elevating young breakout types with similarly thin resumes – five years ago Barack Obama’s a state senator, and Silas Baxter-Neal was Powell flow trash. Perhaps an indication of no better candidates. But as far as reaching the top of the heap early on in their careers, SBN and BHO are in there with JFK, TR, BA and, er, Cardiel.

Like Obama, Baxter-Neal comes promoting new ideas (noseslide to switch nosegrind transfer), nods to tradition (Thrasher Th13rteen cover) and aims to shake up established schools of thought (frontside flip wallride revert). But SBN comes to SOTY with a noticeable absence of flash, lacking the superhuman skill set of a Chris Cole, Daewon Song or Marc Johnson, and the hellbent-for-leather risk appetite of a Danny Way or Geoff Rowley. He’s definitely no slouch on the board but it seems Baxter-Neal succeeded via elbow grease, a workhorse attitude and probably a lack of serious injury. It’s hard to imagine a hardertoiling skateboarder in the last couple years, with the obvious exception of Wade Speyer.

It’s possible that Obama, too, has picked up on his inner Baxter-Nealness, with the politisphere ablaze with news that he plans to name Tim Geithner, NY Fed honcho and alleged skateboarder, to head the Treasury department. The early reports proved premature however, as the Federales quickly took it upon themselves to clear Geithner’s name of any thrashing of the four-wheeled variety:

A skateboarding Treasury secretary would indeed be something special. However, a Fed spokesman said yesterday that, in fact, Mr. Geithner doesn’t actively participate in skateboarding.

There are some theories as to why surfers and snowboarders have outdone skaters in seeking political office. Surfing and snowboarding tend to cost more, and this may act as a social filter.

Also, a lot of people start surfing and snowboarding in middle age. It’s certainly possible to pick-up skateboarding later in life, but few adults can stomach the time and pain commitment that learning skateboarding requires.

So it seems skaters will have to wait a bit longer for the first skateboarding Treasury secretary. Change can only happen so fast.

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5 Responses to “Inauguration”

  1. Kevin J Says:

    No one can argue that it’s not well deserved. He’s had a big year, he put in work.

  2. Eeen! Says:

    Yo man this is Ian from You Will Soon, I’m a big fan of your blog. I also happen to be a photoshop expert, so if you need a big of help with simple graphic stuff in the future holler at me at I can do up that Silas Obama-Neal shit no problem.

  3. Rocuronium Says:

    Yo man I’m a big fan of your blog too. But I can’t do shit with photoshop, I wish I could. I can stitch you up though if you gash something open.

    As a faithful NYT reader I have noticed an abundance of skateboarding related articles, always pretty insightful. Someone who knows it well is working there. It was bound to happen, we all got old.

    But I also understand why they put so much effort into denying that the guy actually skates. The public perception of skaters is still that of reckless stoners at best (can you blame them?). Any hint of this would not make for a confidence inducing public role.
    Thank you.

  4. Erik Says:

    Big fan, but i can’t justify wasting anymore time on this half-ass effort. I can’t find my graphics tablet and my trackpad is pissing me off.

    silas baxter neal soty

  5. pilot light Says:

    Amazing! Post updated.

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