That’s Just The Way It Is

“Made a G today…”

In an age of tumult and upheaval, both good and ill, it’s nice that there are those constants out there upon which we can rely. American Idol is about to come back on, a peroxided Britney Spears roams the Billboard charts, and the Sheckle-Air is alive and well – and in Guinness Hall of Fame form.

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One Response to “That’s Just The Way It Is”

  1. Watson Says:

    You know, I was gonna make a post about that Skatebook thing too. What the fuck is with the industry rallying behind Sheckler lately? Is it because of the economic downturn, that the industry feels that they need to embrace and promote, and try to legitimize anything that may bring more mainstream dollars into core skateboarding?

    I swear that there is some sort of fucking conspiracy going on here.

    Maybe I’ll write that article after all…..

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