Meet The Press

“Don’t be a dick, and skate”

With the rise of “Epicly Later’d” a lot of different people have been trying their hand at being the next O’Dell, with generally mixed results (yea, “Behind the Griptape”; ehh, Personally I think it has a lot to do with the dude guiding the interview. “Later’d” generally does a good job keeping people on topic, moving shit along and O’Dell stays out of the picture when it isn’t necessary.

This Danny Supa interview on the Stereo site recently caught my eye because the guy conducting the interview has a way of asking questions that to me is extremely compelling and penetrating, in a way that I feel few skateboard interviews really are. Supasiriat is a mostly soft-spoken type with a straightforward approach to skating and life in general but the guy sitting down with him gets right to the brass tacks. (Check 0:46, 2:09, 4:08, 5:39.)

For sure an entertaining watch; with ON Video in the rearview mirror (more on that later) and that long break between seasons of EL still fresh in the memory banks, this dude could be on track to make waves in investigative skate video journalism. Possible starting point: is the Etnies/Adidas holiday hanky-panky a precursor to a post-holiday depression fueled takeover of SoleTech by the tri-stripe? Film at 11…

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6 Responses to “Meet The Press”

  1. RMcD Says:

    That was even funnier because I’ve been drinking.

  2. carbonite Says:

    “‘Remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation.”

    -Tony Soprano

  3. a Says:

    check for “opinionated cyclist.” he’s this interviewer’s double. sucks that there are (at least) two dudes out there like this…

  4. I81B4U Says:

    Remember when Supa rode for Treefort?

  5. Watson Says:

    That shit was insane. At first I thought it was like one of this Behind The Griptape, fake interviews because it was so bad. By the time I realized that this guy is for real it was much too late to reclaim the 5 and a half minutes of my life I had squandered.

  6. Rocuronium Says:

    Here’s an actually good interview by a little known website/shop. Wish all skinterviews were so well thought out.

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