American Apparel

In skateboarding’s post-2000 pants sweepstakes, Kalis in brown cords has to be some kind of milestone. Pitch-perfect switch smith grind from the new Transworld, which has a lot of good photos, including one that sooner or later will likely end up poached for the header of this page. Try and guess which one. Alien video less than two months away…

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8 Responses to “American Apparel”

  1. Captain planet Says:

    Wow, he finally realizes that the sweat pants and moon boot DCs arent what the kids are into these days. Actually he looks pretty tight in that kit. I think his Q rating is on the rise if he keeps up this image overhaul.

  2. carbonite Says:

    transworld is horrible, but the jack curtin sequence in there is one of the most mind-numbing things i’ve seen in a while.

  3. Mike Says:

    The shop doesn’t even get Transworld any more and it took me a couple of months to realize it. And then I forgot and re-realized it in order to post a comment.

  4. rich Says:

    hey, josh kalis can wear whatever sweatpants and DCs he wants. he can make any of them look good.

  5. rich Says:

    to add to my last comment, go to the chrome ball incident and look at their post for 12-12 and look at the sequence of josh kalis’ switch b/s flip over the brooklyn banks wall-the frame where he sucks his feet up super tight is the essence of style. and his fakie crooks on the super high flat bar is nice too.

  6. Paul Says:

    Have you watched this dude in person? Trust…losing the sweatpants is a good thing.

  7. Vitis Says:

    Rich seems to have a healthy desire to suck on Josh Kalis’ sweat-pant-ed nutsack.

  8. LURM Says:


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