Hit ‘Em With The Mule

“Freeway” Johnny Schillereff unavailable for comment

Alert reader “James” hips us to this article which features a photo of the (unsuccessful) coke-smuggling skateboard endeavor. Again, for your reference, a cross-section view of the Element Helium board construction. Not snitching, just saying…


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4 Responses to “Hit ‘Em With The Mule”

  1. Zack Says:

    If TK or JR both pass on doing a rap about doing a handrail with rails inside your board, I will eat my hat.

  2. paul Says:

    To rub salt in to the prison time, they got caught with a longboard. The shame of it

  3. Aaron Says:

    Johnny Schillereff taught me some cool street moves.. He would take that older Vision Gonz board with the 2faces in a circle and trace it out on a blank,,,, then he would add and extra inch or so on the nose.

    He was a ripper… What up Johnny?
    Still skating?

  4. Vitis Says:

    It’s better than a hollowed-out dead baby, am I right guys? Actually, anything is better than a hollowed-out dead baby.

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