P-Rod, Girl and the Enigma of the Mobius Strip

Innocence, destroyed

While the planet, nay, galaxy awaits the already-classic “Street Dreams”, featuring the long-awaited debut of durag enthusiast-turned-auteur Rob Dyrdek and guest starring Ryan Dunn with the evil mom from the O.C., Paul Rodriguez isn’t waiting around for some Decenzo brother to hand him his daytime Emmy. No, P-Rod is blazing ahead with another star turn in the upcoming “Vicious Circle”, which for purposes of this post I choose to view as a complex, feature-length metaphor about his years skating for Girl skateboards.

Some of this is fairly overt: “Boy meets girl,” a nod to the days before the honeymoon ended, when P-Rod was still the next Koston, Plan B existed only on DVD and nobody ever heard of Sean Malto. Paul had a more innocent view of the world then, as you can tell from the nifty suit he wears in early scenes.

However: “Girl has past… past won’t let her go.” P-Rod here is suggesting here that Rick and Mike are akin to the child of an abusive household: determined not to repeat Rocco’s excesses and transgressions, they succeed only in driving away their young stars (P-Rod and Jereme, represented here by P-Rod and “Angel”, a reference to Rogers’ Christian beliefs and pasty pallor).

Paul Rodriguez does a bit of gun-waving, perhaps channeling the unrefined anger of Sal Rocco Jr., and soon the film takes a disturbing turn as P-Rod seeks catharsis via revenge fantasy: the “Girl” dies, and as fingers point in his direction, Paul is determined to clear his name.

Whether this suggests that Rodriguez believes Plan B (portrayed in the film as life after Girl) will bury his former employer is open to interpretation. It’s a disturbing thought, nearly as troublesome as P-Rod Senior expounding on his son’s numerous attractive qualities.

The title certainly plays off the resurrection/rebirth themes that Plan B has mined since Danny and Colin brought it back, and P-Rod’s gracious comment on the role – “I was blessed to be given it… I have to do the best with my opportunities” – is easily applied to the offer that wooed him away from Girl in the first place.

In short, a troubling and fascinating picture of the fractured worldview of a young man, frustrated, consumed with revenge and constantly battling against his own crushing talent. Also, “Street Dreams” coming soon.

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6 Responses to “P-Rod, Girl and the Enigma of the Mobius Strip”

  1. Watson Says:

    I had an idea like 8 years ago to write an article and send it to Transworld about David Bowie’s “Major Tom” as a metaphor of Tom Penny’s career.

    “This is Ground Control to Major Tom
    You’ve really made the grade
    And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear”

    That shit writes itself.

    Great post.

  2. tpz Says:

    ghetto child already wrote that article in ‘skate nation’

    as did muskalade in a 1998 skateboarder interview

  3. carbonite Says:

    wow…you watched the whole thing? are all those dudes in the tags in it? because that would be funny…
    have you seen [i]The Wrestler[/i} yet? because that’s supposed to be pretty good…

  4. carbonite Says:

    oh yeah I almost forgot:

    PM PLZ!!!!


  5. tim Says:

    anyone here find prod’s skating enjoyable to watch ? his parts always seem like a spot montage, lets see sw varial heel, sw hardflip, sw tre and maybe a regular tre to show im going switch on this fly out then fs feeble, sw fs feeble, kf backlip ,sw backlip on this handrail and end the part with a sw flip backtail combo on some ledge. don’t get me wrong the dude is really really good, and i’ll never be able to skate as good regular as he does switch but honestly with so many tricks you’d think he could come up with something more creative and thoughtful to do. i’m not saying become the next richie jackson or even louie barletta just do something thats not your run of the mill regular trick switch.

  6. Pump Action Retard Says:

    Robot style. I hate it. Hopefully he’ll follow Appleyard and loosen up a bit. He rips for sure, but I might as well be watching QVC.

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