Margin Walker

Lame title acknowledged, but I’m tired from Christmas shopping and was having a rough time thinking up some “Concrete Jungle”-themed pun, which probably would have been even worse

Marc Johnson gave us an entertaining Easter egg hunt last year when he mentioned in a couple interviews that his 13-minute “Fully Flared” section contained a handful of tricks that were direct homages to some of the skaters that exerted particular influence over him throughout the years. I’m pretty sure I’ve caught nods to Daewon, Gonz of course, Jason Dill and Ronnie Creager, though my concentration often is interrupted when I have to get up to use the bathroom, or turn on the couch so that I don’t develop bedsores.

I found myself doing something similar with this new “Concrete Jungle” promo from Organika, specifically the super impressive part from Walker Ryan, who strikes me as something of a skate spot buff. Besides switch backside bigspins and flaunting child labor laws for waxing purposes, Walker appears to enjoy mining skateboard history for well-loved locales: I spotted the Tom Penny/BA ledge (see above), the curvy red ledge from Tiltmode/Maple days gone by, the ledge made famous by Elissa Steamer’s nollie lipslide-to-faceplant, and the especially eyebrow-raising 5-0 to manual at New York City’s treacherous courthouse ledge-to-drop spot.

And I’m sure an old ’80s guy out there found some significance in one of those ditches he skates as well.

The other half of this tight one-two promo is rail-skinny spaghettiman Zach Lyons, contorting and twisting his way through an assortment of urban/creative moves that he still tends to make more interesting than your average polejam-to-manual-kickflip-outters. He does have an eye for some extremely bizarre tricks, like the final nosegrind-nose manual tilt-a-whirl, and the frontside nosegrind pop-in is serious precision shit, though he sometimes falls into the Brian Brown trap of requiring every trick to include a manual or wallride.

Besides Quim Cardona lofting one of the huger ollies in recent months, another entry in Rodrigo Peterson’s Big Book of Switch Nosegrinds, and Karl Watson’s extremely suspect bigspin kickflip, this video also includes two of the more pleasing-to-the-ear tricks I’ve heard in some time: Zach Lyons’ 180 nosegrind on the wooden fence and Walker Ryan’s nollie cab backside lipslide.

Tune in from now til the end of the year as I count down the top 10 video parts of the year and other assorted malarkey.

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12 Responses to “Margin Walker”

  1. tim Says:

    i was so blown away by quims ollie but just before i watched that video i saw brophy’s new fourstar ad and he fs 180 the same railing. so thanks to brophy i wasn’t able to fully enjoy quims ridiculous pop. zach lyons style and trick selection has gotten a lot better since his time will tell / get familiar days back when he used to be overly bendy knee-d and skated slower. although he does seem a bit too dependent on nosegrinds and nosemanuals but i don’t mind considering he pops out very proper and that one where he went behind the the bus stop sitting area is very ridicolous been there, seen that, quite insane. also i love how he has continued to film on the east coast without conforming to the dumming down of tricks cough:cellar door ollies:cough.
    walker ryan is insanely good and extremely enjoyable to watch but honestly can the editor find a song that hasn’t been used before ?

  2. Watson Says:

    I think Zach Lyons may go down as the skinniest skater ever. Don’t understand how those little noodle legs can pop so high. Maybe not as much weight to lift?

    The “nosegrind-nose manual tilt-a-whirl” was beautiful. Just beautiful flow on that one. Real nice.

  3. mdspb Says:

    You know I love you, but “nollie cab” bugs me. Just sayin’.
    I personally prefer “helipop”.
    My 2 ¢. Keep up the awesomeness.

  4. sf-11 Says:

    agreed, “nollie cab” doesn’t sound right, but it’s the new speak and us old timers either gotta get with it or over it. “helipop” is spun the opposite way if i remeber correctly, Mullen did a ton of them in Rubish Heap – up a bench i think(?)

    Lyons is sick, should be on Adidas full time, same with Durante.

  5. flipo, logo existo! Says:

    I think everyone noticed the ‘Karl Watson’s extremely suspect bigspin kickflip’. LAME!

  6. chas one Says:

    I noticed another one of Marc Johnson’s “tribute” tricks was the flatground 360 spin with a 540 shove-it a la Rodney Mullen.

  7. whatevs Says:

    suspect or not ( yeah pretty suspect), I’m fairly sure it’s a 360 flip 180 or whatever the appropriate term is. Anyway super rad post as always

  8. theProgram Says:

    nollie cab = switch fakie. don’t be a buster. nollie (backside/frontside) 360 PLZ.

  9. carbonite Says:

    b/s ollie to tail b/s flip out = Dave Duren tribute

  10. mdspb Says:

    absolutely. The Duren flip!

  11. Mike Says:

    I’d call it a nollie 270 switch lip to straight-whatever. That was some of the best Quim footage in years, be it a small dose and mostly random ollies etc. I like Zach Lyons and his little baby feet but he’s still got a little way to go before he fully eclipses the title of gimmick skater. Walker Ryan of two first names is super sick, though I think he’s less of a “skate spot buff” and more of dude who lives in San Diego. Nonetheless, he’s good at doing really hard shit and making it look good without contrived style or any other trappings-dude makes it look good and fun and he understands the vibes about skating cars.

  12. Villa Says:

    i’m pretty sure marc johnson did the front board 180 to front noseblunt as a homage to danny way. As soon as i saw it in FF i remembered that trick from the first On video in the Danny Way part

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