10. Jack Sabback, “Moving in Traffic”

Here we go, my top ten video parts of the year begin counting down today:

Recent years have seen a lot of companies take advantage of the comparatively inexpensive DVD format (or the comparatively free web video format) to mess around with skate video formats, bringing about an overdue resurrection of the “Tim & Henry’s”/”Two Songs”-style promo that doesn’t skimp on quality without bogging down the time-strapped viewer of today with interminable intros and lengthy skits. Despite all that and a great beard, Jack Sabback nonetheless shoulders a considerable burden, following a reenergized Bob Puleo and closing out one of the more anticipated promos of the summer, but he gets over on fast skating, an assortment of mellow nosegrinds and a great last-part song. That last line, the way he sets down that backside 180 before losing track of the switch frontside pop-shove it conjures the feeling of long, sweaty summer afternoon sessions that leave your legs with a satisfying ache the next morning. On an unrelated note: fuckin’ stupid winter…

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6 Responses to “10. Jack Sabback, “Moving in Traffic””

  1. tim Says:

    i was just thinking about the resurgence of two part promos with a montage in the middle. it seemed to me traffic kinda brought back this format and after they did it everyone jumped on the bandwagon. first traffic, stereo, then plan b, now organika. personally i really like the shortness of them because the two parts are always the young guns or new members with a load of good footage and the montages only have the best of tricks from their senior members. short and sweet , great watches before you go skate.
    and not to brown nose too much but i agree sabback’s part is a really good watch. before it came out i was wondering if he would be able to deliver anything besides nosegrinds and switch nosegrinds. glad he came through, all the more reason to buy some traffic product.

  2. breakfast Says:

    What is the song?

  3. JohnRambro Says:

    1. Pete Eldridge-mystery promo
    2. Johnrob Moore-happy medium
    3. Slash-ride the sky
    4. Nick trapasso-and now
    5. Gilbert crockett-ride the sky
    6. Davis torgerson- real/boondoggle
    7. Sabback
    8. Mike carrolls EMB footy in epicly laterd
    9. Vincent Alvarez-chocolate promo
    10. John Motta- a hapy medium
    10a. Nick Fiorini- a happy medium

    you should make a 10 worst/disappointing parts list as well, could be entertaining.

  4. carbonite Says:

    “Maypole” by Dark

  5. charleston, SC Says:

    Chucktown represent!!!!

  6. Captain planet Says:

    I agree with John Rambo’s suggestion of a worst or disappointing part or video list. That would be quite entertaining.

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