7. Kenny Hoyle, “And Now”

I remember reading some nonsense back in the 1990s about how Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain possessed this quality of voice (termed “yaaarraagh” or something equally un-googleable in the Celtic tongue) that was magnetic to the human ear, captivating people and selling untold reams of flannel and cassette tapes and whatnot. Perhaps Kenny Hoyle has some kind of skateboarding equivalent, since he’s not especially flashy in terms of technical ability or hairball gap-jumping and from what I’ve seen doesn’t really mess with ramps whatsoever, but he can make that kickflip over the can at the beginning of the part as sweet as pretty much everything that follows (similar to Mark Appleyard in the “Sorry” video). His four minutes of fairly straightforward skating in the Transworld video, minus some sort of unnecessary 360 shove-its out of stuff, ended up being sort of a soothing eye-balm to the facemeltingness of the Sean Malto part or Richie Jackson’s moustache-twirling wallride antics, set to the smooth sounds of the other BTO. Rewound multiple times: the switch bigspin heelflip, the frontside shove-it nose manual backside revert, the nollie backside 5-0 shove-it.

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3 Responses to “7. Kenny Hoyle, “And Now””

  1. tim Says:

    while i can’t deny his part in and now was good, i had a much higher standard for him after repeatedly watching his part in dgk it’s official which was released a year or two before. his pop in the transworld flick is quite higher (most notably the opening line with the back krook on the ticket stand booth, that is at least waist height and being able to nollie inward a barrel i could barely 180) but he doesn’t seem to have improved at all since it’s official. good but not as good as i was hoping, although as my friend pointed out to me, after his switch big heel over the humpy thing his part definitely picks up.

  2. Captain planet Says:

    His part was amazing. However, if I had to pick a part from this video Id have to go with Matt Miller.

  3. sopatron Says:

    not even thqt good

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