4. Jake Johnson, “Short Ends”

This part from the lanky, fringe-haired toast of New York came out late last year but the powers that be at Chapman boards only got around to putting it out on DVD about halfway through this year, so I’m gonna go ahead and count it for this little list. I’ve nattered on about Jake Johnson’s East Coast superhero potential ad nauseum already, so I’ll spare you, except to say that lately what’s got me psyched on this part is the way he flips the skateboard – crisp and solid, not all ginger-footed like some of these kids out there today. You know what I’m talking about, right. In a PJ Ladd sort of move Jake Johnson logged nearly another part’s worth of footage in the post-credits, which Slap board maven “Gest” has uploaded for your perusal here. And, Quartersnacks still has copies of the actual DVD for those of you with six dollars to your name, as well as the “New Thirsty” video which you really should be watching in this holiday season.

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2 Responses to “4. Jake Johnson, “Short Ends””

  1. carbonite Says:

    kind of a transcendent part…360 flip ns pyramid is insane; there’s no run-up…nollie ns lincoln center is super insane…maybe the 2nd best “New York” part ever, first being Zered’s part in vicious cycle ….

  2. Lightbox: Jake Johnson by Jonathan Mehring - "The talk of the town." : Slam City Skates Blog Says:

    […] far as I know, Short Ends premiered in late-2007 but wasn’t released until mid-2008. If you come out of nowhere riding for a local brand, then by the time your first part gets seen […]

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