3. Nick Trapasso, “And Now”

I’m not sure if Arizona Nick Spicoli fully delivered on the promise of his amazing “Suffer the Joy” part with last summer’s entry to the TWS canon, but even if time decides not, he’ll have a nice long career to work on it. Provided the word “work” enters into dude’s vocabulary. Either way he remains the reigning king of “what, me worry” wooze, twirling switch 360s and b/s tailslide shove-iting handrails as the mood strikes him, yucking it up in between with passersby in whichever hemisphere he’s currently drifting through. Holland and Ray could easily have gone overboard with the tie-dyes, weed and Lennon, but they seem to have realized that watching Trapasso flick and giggle his way through a four minute part doesn’t require much embellishment. Sort of like how you don’t necessarily need an HD TV to enjoy a bag of hot Cheetos, a Seinfeld rerun and a fully loaded bowl of Wheaties.

If the link above stops working there is also this Mag Minute clip that includes one bad mammajamma of a hardflip.

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3 Responses to “3. Nick Trapasso, “And Now””

  1. goldchain Says:

    It’s pretty rad how that screen shot and your masthead pic are almost the same. BTW, worrest and #8 pick kellen james will both have parts in the next TWS vid. Nice.

  2. Jrad Hyphy Says:

    IT isnt just the weed my friends that does it for Nicolias. He has a keen grip on reality. He knows were he stands on the skate scene and because he dont give no shit makes him even more of a gem for skateboarding. I know it is good for a pro to act like a pro but when a man is faced with a fat check at the cost of his artistic ability things tend to turn downhill, i know nick will do no such thing, and in the future will stick with what he belives to be the up most core and lunicy.
    -a valued friend

  3. Villa Says:

    That suffer the joy part was a hard one to top. with that being said i think he did himself justice with a great follow up. The trick selection was fun to watch, shit like the no comply heelflip down the gap. Fuck, everything he does is a good watch

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